Chess Boards Will Be Set Up Again

A personal message from US Chess Executive Director Carol Meyer

Dear Friends in Chess:

During this time, unprecedented in all of our lives, I find myself seeking perspective in the disruption that has entered my personal and professional life. I write this from 41,000 feet, unexpectedly on my way to help my daughter drive 1,700 miles from a now-abbreviated internship.

I hope each of you is well and able to receive the services and items you need to get through this time of social distancing and forced isolation. For those of us who regularly work from home, we too are adjusting to having our families in our midst during the business day.

US Chess is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our players and those who support them in chess. The decision to cancel our three scholastic spring national events was not easy. As I have learned, chess players live to compete, and US Chess national events are a highlight of a player’s chess year and sometimes their career. Such disruption is unavoidable under our present circumstances. We rely on trusted, authoritative sources to make our decisions. I will miss being part of the spring events but look forward to our summer invitationals, the U.S. Open, and the K-12 Grades in December.

US Chess is concerned about protecting our staff team. While many of us routinely work from home, one third of our staff works in our Crossville, Tennessee headquarters. US Chess has shuttered its doors and required its entire team to work from home. This decision was made to protect our team, while supporting their work to continue to deliver services to our members. During this time, you might experience delays in having your phone call or email answered, but please know we strive to provide excellent customer service to everyone who reaches out to us. For faster response, I encourage you to email the appropriate staff person whose contact info is on the US Chess staff page.

The US Chess Executive Board (EB) has been very active during this time. It has canceled its in-person meeting in Dallas, Texas and will be holding a series of virtual meetings during the month of May. It is also looking for ways to help you keep playing chess via US Chess online-rated events. The EB will be offering interim rules this week on how US Chess Certified Tournament Directors can run official US Chess online-rated events.

While the disruption we are experiencing is temporary, its effect will be lasting. I hope you and your family remain healthy and can find the joy in having more time to spend together.

Chess boards will be ready and waiting again.

Warm regards,



  1. My name is Troy Tate Sr. I am the president of the Midtown Area Chess Club in Harrisburg Pa. I am reaching out to see if you can donate chess equipment to our program to help us to continue to serve our community after this crisis is over. We are mostly men but we welcome everyone to join

  2. I will miss these events but look forward to the first event after this is over… Think of the joy we will feel, greeting each other over the boards after weeks/months of only playing online. That day will be beautiful.

  3. Carol,
    Anything we can do to help the Federation in this time of need?

    Shelby Lohrman
    American Chess Equipment

  4. Thanks so much, Carol. As we transform and adapt our intelligence to meet the new challenges we face, so will Chess.
    Warmest regards,

    Rachel Schechter

  5. Thanks for leading the way, Carol.
    As we innovate, transform and adapt to meet these new challenges…so will the royal game. Working together, pooling our individual and collective strengths is key to our success.
    Rachel Schechter

  6. What can you do to help the Federation?

    1) Renew your membership when it comes due.
    2) Encourage others to renew their memberships too.
    3) Find a way to stay connected to chess and help others do the same. We have made it easier to rate on-line tournaments in our rating system. Those game swill only impact the on-line rating, but it is a way to keep interest going.
    4) Be creative in keeping our scholastic players connected. On-line lessons, on-line camps – in person events and camps and lessons as soon as that is possible are really important.
    5) Donate to our general fund or to any program that interests you. You can do that on our website – or contact our development director. He will still be working!
    6) Not to be morbid, but if you are spurred by this to redo your estate planning, include US Chess in those plans. As a 501c3 organization we can accept charitable bequests.
    7)And, the most important thing – yep it was the first thing – renew your membership when it is due.

  7. KIDS PLAY CHESS and FLY TO DUBAI in March 2021.

    Please see that the US Chess Federation moves forward in Build Strong Minds Online
    Please register ASAP if you wish to participate!

    This is our message to kids and we have 1100+ online already.
    Thinking ahead is what Chess does for you and we started 4 years ago building online complement to OTB Chess!

    Thanks, Shelby Lohrman for being your best for Chess and being a Chess player, the best kind of supporter!

  8. Carol I have been looking for an opportunity to get involved with chess again. I have taken a long break as I have been overseas assignments and now that I am back in the states I want to be involved

    Let me know where you need help. I can work remote or on site

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