The Check Is in the Mail – September 2018

Michael Allard

Michael Allard of Bowie, Maryland has won the 2017 Trophy Quad with a 6-0 score.  We hope that Michael’s trophy will fit well with the trophy he won in the 2008 event and his 3000+ library of chess books.


Michael has annotated one of his wins in his successful fight for first place in a strong trophy quad.

Possibly a bit premature, but White will lose decisive material and the concluding position seems to be a fine one for readers to explore.

Black is done in by a massive Pawn attack on the kingside.


Trophy Quad

                Michael Allard  17Q07     6-0

John Collins

                Michael Butler  16C02  5-1

                Jeffrey Bosch    16C02  5-1

            Errol Acosta   16C03  6-0

Swift Quad

                Jay Hall           18SQ02  4 ½-1 ½

Toujors l’attaque, toujours

Willing to play prisoners ??

Occasionally, I get a request from a prisoner who wants to play correspondence chess but is too poor to afford USCF rated chess.  If you are willing to play such an opponent, please send in your name and address to me.


Robert Burlingame

Robert Burlingame of Palm Desert, California was born March 2, 1923 and  died August 5, 2018 at age 95.  Robert was an avid chess and gin rummy player.

Cartoon by John Letellier

Errol Acosta wins this game with the help of a super Knight.

When Black misses the defense by 20…Bxf2+ 21.  Kh1 h5! He succumbs to White’s persistent attack.

“Modern correspondence chess isn’t all about CPU power (although that obviously helps), but more about how you prepare each move and how you work with the engine in tandem with your own ideas. You can get lazy and buy a powerful computer, and probably get to a fairly decent rating on ICCF just parroting the engine, but that’s not going to take you to the top.”

–Wolf Morrow

On Move 18, the Pawns begin to scatter: fist on the kingside, then the center, and finally by Move 24, the queenside.

After Black’s last chance of 31…g5, White mates in six.

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