The Check Is in the Mail – October 2018

Michael Horvath of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida won a closely contested  2016 Class A John Collins Quad.


Michael Dreher celebrates a return to correspondence chess after a 27 year hiatus with a spectacular Knight fork in this Swift Quad win.

                    Jeff  Bosch                        

Jeff Bosch of Edmonds, Washington, scored a tie for first in a 2016 John Collins.  He submitted the following win as an example of his play.  White’s King goes on a fatal journey.

September Results

John Collins

                16C11      Barry Walker      4 ½-1 ½

                16C11      David McCann   4 ½-1 ½

             17C05     Allen Woollen    5 ½-½

        17C09     Patrick Schilling  5-1

              16C16     Michael Gross   5 ½-½

Swift Quad

            18SQ04     Michael Dreher  5 ½ -½

Walter Muir

18W11     Brian Hey    5-1

   18W13    Robert Irons  6-0

            18W03   Patrick Walsh  5 ½-½


[Paul Keres’] great skill in dealing with complications was developed largely through correspondence play.

-Max Euwe, the 5th Classical World Chess Champion


Riley  E. Lane of Columbus, GA  Born Oct. 18, 1930 died April 17, 2017

Michael Gross of Vienna, Virginia, sent in this miniature from his win of a 2016 John Collins tournament which illustrates the importance of accurate record keeping.

When Black misses the best try of 16…Re4!?, White ends it mercifully.

This game could be the definition of a “fightin’ draw”.

Efficiency is the keyword here.

They should rename the Sicilian Defense to Sicilian Attack.

Two Bishops prove too much in this struggle.

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