The Check Is in the Mail – May 2018

Thomas Biedermann wins 13th North American Invitational CC Championship

Thomas Biedermann is no stranger to this column. He has been here many times before – he tied for first in the 16th US Correspondence Chess Championship and was second in the 18th.  He received his International Correspondence Chess Master and Senior Master title.  He played on Board 5 in the 20th Olympiad and on Board 2 in the Pan-Am games. And now he has annexed the North American Invitational Championship. Congratulations, Thomas!

13th North American Invitational Championship



              Preston Ladson  15P03   5-1

Walter Muir

              Jay Hall              17W17   3 ½-2 ½

            Brian Higgins  17W17  3 ½-2 ½

            Rick Zeckzer   18W04  5 ½-½

Swift Quad

            David Stone    17SQ06   4-2


17C03 John Collins won by Claude Corbett

This is a draw where each player plays like it is worth ¾ of a point.

Black sacrifices his Knight for a board full of Black Pawns.

It’s a story as old as chess – Black steals a poisoned Pawn and then…

After 18. a5 the board just seems to explode.

“Correspondence chess is the perfect form of the game.”


A draw offer at just the right time saves White.


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