The Check Is in the Mail – June 2018

Barry Walker

Barry Walker of Columbia, Missouri, showed his staying power in a withdrawal plagued 2016 John Collins.  Barry persevered, and his strong chess carried the day.

Rick Johnson won a well-contested 2017 Swift Quad.

May Results

Walter Muir

      17W24    Sanjit Krishnamurthy  5 ½-½

      18W02    Patrick Gordon-Davis  6-0

      17W13   Fletcher Penney   5-1

      17W13   Edward Schweikert  5-1

John Collins

      17C07      John Obrien   5 ½-½

      16C10     William Bragg 6-0

Trophy Quad

       17Q04    Lance Schuttenhelm  6-0

       17Q01    Allen Woollen   5 ½- ½

       16Q08    Lawrence Gladding  5 ½-½


“Play your best chess by post.”

–British Correspondence Chess Association

Here is a trophy winning game from a 2017 Trophy Quad.

Fletcher Penney plays an unusual line against the Marshall Ruy Lopez and engineers a decisive attack.

In a battle between a 10-year-old and a 70-year-old, the smart money is on the ten.

Black just can’t handle two catastrophes on b7 featuring first the loss of a Pawn and then a piece.

The Latvian Gambit is designed to offer Black attacking chances along the f-file —  as in this game by Barry Walker.

An interesting battle ensues right out of the opening.


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