The Check Is in the Mail – January 2018

Tim Murray becomes 12th US/ICCF GM

Tim Murray has had an illustrious rise in his pursuit of the Grandmaster title.  He tied for first in the 11th United States Correspondence Chess Championship.  Earned his first GM norm playing first board in the 15th Olympiad email event, and tied for first in the NAPZ championship and played in the semifinals of the 35th World Championship where his finish guarantees him at least a tie for first and a spot in the finals.

Congratulations, Tim – The USA’s twelfth correspondence  Grandmaster.


Krishnan Sasikiran, India’s 3rd strongest OTB player, is a regular cc player.  Here, he meets his match in GM-elect Tim Murray.


Bids are now being taken for the 2018 Absolute championship. The thirteen players with the highest rating will be considered for the free entry into this major event.  Please send in your bid to be selected.


Trophy Quad

            Charlie Leach  16Q03      5 ½-½

John Collins

             Michael Horvath  16C12  4-2

            Claude Corbett   17C03  5 ½-½

White combines attack and defense well in this  ICCF win.


Marian Waxman

Marian Waxman of New York City died August 26, 2017 born 1937 was a rated correspondence Master.

 Steven Tennant

Steven Tennant has died at age 69.  Steven’s correspondence career was at its height – he finished in  second place in the 1974 Golden Knights, in the North American Team Tournament he held down first board with a brilliant 7-1 result, he held down Board 2 in the USA-USSR match, beating his soviet opponent 1½ -½.  He finished first in the 1977 Absolute Championship. He was awarded the ICCM title, and then an if-move did him in.  Tennant sent an if-move to his opponent who responded to the first part of the if-move but not Tennant’s reply to it.  Tennant insisted a reply was obligatory,  his opponent did not.

Finding nothing in the USCF, ICCF, or CCLA rules at that time  that stated response to an if-move was obligatory, the ruling was against him.  Tennant disagreed and refused to accept the ruling or continue the game. Shortly afterwards he was forfeited and banned for life from ICCF play.

I have a challenge for a chess club.  Do you have a chess club with five members who are willing to play five veterans who are also incarcerated in a Florida prison?  If you do, please contact me and I will send you contact information.

White wins with the help of SuperKnight!

“I recommend that you use correspondence  chess to test out the openings that you will later play in your over-the-board  tournament games.”

-Jon Edwards

Have you heard the expression “a fighting draw”? Well, now you can see one.

Black’s motto in this game must have been “Attack!  Attack!  Attack!  Resigns”

This game could almost be classified as “Wow!” – four Queens on the board, White a Rook ahead, Black in check – and yet White can’t avoid a loss – and that by a smothered Knight mate.


Black’s Pawn sacrifice on move 19 attains the two Bishops and a lost game.

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