The Check Is in the Mail – August 2018

IM Harry Ingersol

Sixty-nine year old Harry Ingersol (born 28 June 1949) is our 2017 Absolute Correspondence Chess Champion.  Scoring an undefeated plus six, Harry’s win, his second in Absolute play, demonstrated his dominance among the best of correspondence chess. Harry has finished third in Absolute play twice, in 2011 and 2015. Twice, he has finished second or tied for second in 2014 and 2016. And, he has won the tournament outright in 2010 and now in the 2017 event.

Besides his dominance of the Absolutes, Harry has had equally impressive successes: second place in the 2017 Electronic Knights and was awarded the tile of International Correspondence Chess Master in 2017.


When a Master of the initiative meets a Master of defense, the game is sure to be difficult. Ingersol also makes it look beautiful.


Walter Muir

            James Mahooti      18W08         6-0

            Thomas Kirk         18W07   4 ½-1½

            John Badger          18W07    4 ½-1½


            Harry Ingersol        17A01   9-3

Swift Quad

            Alan Ong        16SQ01           3-3

            David  Stone    16SQ01          3-3

Trophy Quad

            Anthony Francis    17Q03    6-0

John Collins

            Nicole Niemi       16C07      6-0

An elegant conclusion – Black faces loss of Queen or King at the end.

White faces a virtual plague of Rooks and a Knight.


Kingside attack versus queenside attack is always exciting.

Rooks generally do a good job of protecting each other until both are attacked.

An unusual game – White sacrifices the exchange for a Pawn, twice.

It is a familiar enough story – A kingside attack versus a queenside attack.

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