The Check Is in the Mail – April 2018


Did you ever wonder what your opponent really means in his note to you scrawled on his postcard?  Now you can find out on the handy Correspondence Chess Translator available now at a low bargain price.*

Some sample translations:

I hope we have a good game!  I hope I beat you!

I offer a draw  I am out of book with this move and have no idea how to proceed.

Great move!  Are you sure you aren’t using a computer ?

If 14…Nd7 then 15. Qd3.  Please, please don’t look at 14. …Nxe4!

Resigns —  I will beat you next time !

Good game !  I enjoyed beating you after you left your Knight en prise.

Fred Reinfeld invented the fire-fueled chess clock.  —  April Fools !

* Translated: at a price too high to be mentioned as it will scare readers away.

Mukherjee repeats as Colorado Champion

Somnath Mukherjee of Englewood, Colorado has repeated as Colorado Correspondence Champion, a title he won last year.

         2017 Colorado State Championship


Walter Muir

              Clarence Anderson   17W22   5-1

                    Patrick Walsh       16W23   6-0

                              Daniel Todd      17W09 3 ½-1½

                            John Badger      17W09 3 ½-1½

                      Joseph Hawkins     17W09 3 ½-1½

                       Steve Baer     17W21 4-2

              Thomas Segreto     17W21 4-2

                     Errol Acosta     17W21 4-2

                    John Frostad      17W19  6-0

John Collins

             Vitautas Vitkauskas    16C13   6-0

Trophy Quad

                          Jack Sarhage    16Q06  6-0

Swift Quad

                       David McDuffie     17SQ05   6-0

Palciauskas Tournament

                                     James Ellis     16P02   5 ½- ½

Black leaves a small piece of cheese on d7 and the trap is set.


John Brandt of Germantown, WI, born November 28, 1949 died January 23, 2018.

The reader may enjoy working out how the White Pawns dominate the endgame.

“Postal play is particularly helpful to young players who are eager to improve their game.”


The square g7 seems adequately protected but White hits it again and again.


Black’s Rook gobbles up many of White’s Pawns, but the lone survivor on f5 probes sufficient to carry the day.

Rooks can be frightening playmates.

White plays as if he owns the board and soon does.

In an endgame battle between a good Bishop and a Knight, bet on the Bishop.

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