Change to US Chess Ratings: Bonus Threshold Lowered

As per a recommendation from the Ratings Committee earlier this year, US Chess will be changing the bonus factor on Monday, October 30, lowering the threshold from 14 to 12. This is the first change since 2017.

While we encourage you to read the full US Chess rating system explanation, the practical effect of this shift will be that more bonus points are earned for excellent performances.

This change will be retroactive to all tournaments that ended after (or on) February 1, 2023, and we will be doing a rerate of all rated games back to at least January 2023 beginning Tuesday. Some players may see increases in their ratings since February 1, and all updated ratings should begin to appear on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Note that the annual ratings list, which is prepared in mid-November in conjunction with the December ratings list, will incorporate and reflect this lowered bonus threshold.



For readers world is what is happening according to Jeff Sonas fide and world rating and USchess rating system no longer works as fierce chess competition is only happening in lower tier rating system where players are killing each other.!!.thus a huge 400 point addition to all lower tiers in the fideworld chess rating system is apparently coming..the upper tier 2700 rating system is unintentionally fraudulent as it is a grandmaster accept a draw club with no real multi tiered players often allowed in the top tier except by freaky long ago pointed out by gm Susan Polgar this is statutory"chicken chess" is perfectly possible to horrendously cheat the 2700 elo system by endless" take a paid vacation" mickey mouse draw offers in classical chess and if need be lose ONLY. as an Armageddon blitz Loser WHICH IS NEVER Rated!..2700 forever the ideal..... worse yet if there is no mickey mouse fake draw round playoff..the losers in classical chess early rounds in top candidates level tiers realize immediately that the tourney is absolutely over for them and precisely as world trainer/gm J.Agaard wrote in his marvelous notes in US itemizing what happens next..the players simply secretly arrange draws to "avoid being killed'...meanwhile players in lower 2600-2000 Tiers fight for their lives every single day against the lower class unworthy queens gambit masses in 190 fide nations!!! world rating authority Jeff Sonas points out many new Queens Gambit generation i.e."millions of chessplayers Enter and take millions of rating points from lower tier players only..thus monster 400 rating point addition to lower tierFide ratings is on the Us chess the early bonus system also helps players get to their improving level faster in time..WE HOPE!..before hundreds of thousands of junior chess talents gives up chess entirely to go off to college.
Jude Acers/New Orleans... I hope readers will forgive me for stirring up truly savage hatreds and real deal truth...the fantastic refusal to invite fierce battlerWorld traveler"Marco Polo of chess" grandmaster Hans Niemann to the St..Louis monster cash big boy Sinquefield Nov 2023 chessCup...really shows(in my opinion only)what an elitist joke rating system fraud this tourney is rapidly becoming..rejecting ,the fantastic world famous American who has played 300 hurricane savage strictly pro fair play international games AND DEFEATED then WORLD CHESS CHAMPION CARLSEN TWICE already IN MASSIVELY SUPERVISED FAIR PLAYER CERTIFIED CONDITIONS.ALL OVER ZTHE WORLD..using their utterly ridiculous upper tier rating joke system also ...The Sinquefield cup can be sure our millions of chess friends- the unwashed unworthy masses in Afica,South America,all island nations much less ......SERIOUS REAL DEAL JACK KILLERS at the chess board i.e..murderous players like Niemann who roam non elitist fierce world pro tourneys at a staggering clip.. ,likened to the unworthy besmirched lower caste unwashed masses..never again to get near Sinquefield Cup...'......or as Grandmaster Susan Polgar was told"you will have to buy a ticket".
The Sinquefield Cup ABSOLUTELY must move to a world Soccer cup,masters golf,USTennis Open and National football league fierce world class EVERYONE PLAYS SUPERBOWL Sinquefield world chess Qualifier.....Niemann .Now totally vindicated of world chess champion M.Carlsens utterly absurd,fraudulent joke charges and insane withdrawal from last years massively supervised Sinquefield cup(see John Hartmann's triple smash award winning report "La affaire ...Niemann" ..his very own EYEWITNESS account.... Niemann wasTOTALLY innocent period and the whole world now knows it.)Mr. Niemann is now free to buy a ticket and be a brief spectator in St,Louis..he did absolutely nothing wrong PERIOD..And mickey mouse so called 2700 tier "will you arrange a draw "St.Louis club players know this well. nn The internet,now worth hundreds of millions in cash to players in 190 nations will destroy this tourney unless there is a world 190 nation qualifier. strictly supervised internet may be the only option to include great players like Hans Niemann.And the absence of Hans Niemann and his mushrooming monster world chess fan club is a huge multi million dollar promotion lost disaster for the Sinquefield Cup.
Promo death via tabulation!Congratulations St. Louis.
Jude Acers/New Orleans

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