Caruana and Abrahamyan Lead in Saint Louis


Photo Austin Fuller, from round 8

Going into the final round of the US Championship, Fabiano Caruana leads with 7.5/10. Half a point behind are Wesley So and Hikaru Nakamura. The defending champ, scored an important victory over till then undefeated Jeffrey Xiong to remain in the race.

The top three finishers in the US Championship will be joined by GM Garry Kasparov for two days of blitz chess from April 27-28. That will also be livestreamed on


Tatev Abrahamyan by IM Eric Rosen. Eric will be doing a “Twitter Takeover” tomorrow on @USChess

In the US Women’s Championship, Tatev Abrahamyan leads by a half a point as well, after defeating Akshita Gorti today.


Her only potential rival for the crown is Nazi Paikidze, who defeated Alisa Melekhina today.

Paikidze plays Irina Krush in the final round. Irina suffered a tough loss in round ten to 12-year-old Carissa Yip, who found the pretty finale, Rg5! to seal her victory:


Carissa Yip, Photo Spectrum Studios

Follow the final round tomorrow (see matchups below) at 1:50 EST on or Also look for tomorrow’s “Twitter Takeover” on @USChess by IM Eric Rosen. 




  1. Enjoyed the chess the telecast and commentary with the exception of Yasser is horrible. What is the purpose of having Maurice Ashley doing the analysis of games with a program instead of he as a GM doing it himself? Would seem at least to me much more authentic if it was his own or is Maurice just not that strong to understand chess at this level? Switching Jennifer over to that role and off of co-anchor where she looks attractive but adds nothing to the telecast and having the verbose and bombastic Maurice offset the calm, demure and stable Yasser would be a noticeable improvement. Asking people to call in and commenting is a bad idea when they are allowed to call in on any topic not a selected one and allowed to go on and on. Some of them even seem like they were staged by the producers. Several had nothing to do with chess and the callers went on and on, one of them talking about golf for over nine minutes. Meanwhile neither Yasser, Jen or Maurice and his program are able to give the viewers any update on what is happening in the games. It was a bad idea to dummy down the telecast for the non chess playing public who may have been watching. Hopefully they will do better at the next event.

  2. Go Tatev!
    Those who know WGM Tatev Abrahamyan are thrilled to see her in the lead entering today’s final round in St. Louis. Tatev is a fun, friendly, and generous young woman who works diligently on her chess.
    Keep it up Tatev!
    “Coach Jay” Stallings
    Southern California

  3. Good luck, Ms Abrahamyan. Love the hair even if it wasn’t meant as a tribute to the musical wunderkind, Prince!

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