Can You Calculate Like Five-Time U.S. Champion Gata Kamsky?

Last weekend, Gata Kamsky became the only American in history to win the Cappelle la Grande Open, going undefeated the entire event and claiming clear first. This is a good month for Gata, as he was also just inducted, along with GM Maurice Ashley into the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame.

Test your tactical skills with these puzzles from his journey to victory.

Tactic #1

GM Gata Kamsky vs. IM Renier Castellanos Rodriguez

Position after 36…a4

White to move.

Level: Easy

Tactic #2

GM Gata Kamsky vs. IM Lorin D’ Costa

Position after 24…Rfc8

White to move.

Level: Intermediate

Tactic #3

GM Gata Kamsky vs. IM Lorin D’ Costa (Part II)

Position after 28…Kf8

White to move.

Level: Advanced

Tactic #4

GM Nikola Djukic vs. GM Gata Kamsky

Position after 36. Qxf5

Black to move.

Level: Advanced

Find more information on the official website. 


  1. […] Gata Kamsky is a five-time U.S. Champion. In addition, he can boast a feat that no one else in the field can: He was a Candidate for the World Championship in 1996, the first American since Bobby Fischer. As a warm-up for this year’s US Championship, Kamsky recently won the Cappelle la Grande Open. […]

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