Can You Calculate Like a US Olympiad Team Member?

The 2018 Women’s Olympiad Team (from left to right): Tatev Abrahamyan, Irina Krush, Captain Melikset Khachiyan, Jennifer Yu, and Anna Zatonskih (not present Sabina Foisor). Photo: David Llada

This year’s Olympiad featured a riveting fight by the U.S. Women’s team and a tie for 1st (winning Silver by tiebreaks) by the U.S. Open team. Test out your own tactical abilities with these puzzles from key victories.

Puzzle #1

Liana Aghabekian vs. Anna Zatonskih

Black to move.
Level: Warm-Up

Fabiano Caruana, Photo: Seyran Baroyan

Puzzle #2

Fabiano Caruana vs. Boris Gelfand

White to move.
Level: Intermediate

The U.S. Olympiad Open Team with their Captain John Donaldson.

Puzzle #3

Fabiano Caruana vs. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov

White to move.
Level: Intermediate

Tatev Abrahamyan. Photo: David Llada

Puzzle #4

Tatev Abrahamyan vs. Desiree Di Benedetto

White to move.
Level: Intermediate

Wesley So. Photo: David Llada

Puzzle #5

Wesley So vs. Marin Bosiocic

White to move.
Level: Advanced

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