Call for Podcast Guests

Call for Podcast Guests

US Chess is developing the new podcast “One Move at a Time” and we are currently seeking interview subjects. The US Chess mission is to empower people through chess ONE MOVE AT A TIME; this podcast will explore the many ways that different people and organizations across the United States are advancing our educational mission. If you would like to be considered as one of our initial guests, or if you wish to suggest someone, please write to Dan Lucas, the Sr. Dir. Of Strategic Communication, at  Guests will need access to Skype.

Here are the US Chess Mission and Vision Statements as well as our organizational goals. An appropriate guest will be able to talk for at least 30-60 minutes about their chess activities surrounding any of these items:


Our mission is empowering people through chess one move at a time.


Our vision is to enrich the lives of all persons and communities through increasing the play, study, and appreciation of the game of chess.


·        Grow the game.

·        Inform and engage the educational community about the benefits of chess.

·        Continuously improve US Chess operations and member services.

·        Expand the depth and breadth of chess partnerships.

·        Increase chess opportunities for under-represented segments of society.​​​

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