The Botez Sisters to Meet & Compete in US Chess Girls Club

Andrea and Alexandra Botez


Alexandra and Andrea Botez will be attending our US Chess Girls Club ZOOM on January 28th at 6 PM EST. The weekly club for US Chess members (renew here) has been meeting since March, when Alexandra herself was one of our early guests, when she spoke about the "Botez Gambit." Since then we've hosted dozens of guests, including 13th World Champion Garry Kasparov, 8-time US Women's Champion Irina Krush, IM and chess personality Anna Rudolf, author WIM Sabrina Chevannes and most recently, renowned chess coach Elizabeth Spiegel. The club also features development outside the game itself, from joint workshops with Kenya chess girls to bilingual classes and panels on college and chess. 

The Botez sisters and their twitch channel, BotezLive have been booming for the past year, as chronicled in the New York Post and a recent appearance on "Star Talk" by Alexandra. They also signed with the e-sports company "Team Envy" and most recently broke records for the most views on a chess stream, with their "Block Champs" event last week, which featured over 1 million unique viewers. 

Alexandra was also the very first guest on the podcast Ladies Knight, in a throwback way before BotezLive became one of the most popular channels on Twitch. 

Girls can sign up for the Botez "Meet & Compete" using this form:

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