Botez and Shahade Families Team Up for Twitch Match

Alexandra Botez's twitch series continues on Saturday, January 25th at 5 ET with an exciting Hand & Brain sibling match. The series, which debuted at the start of the year, has already raised thousands of dollars for our US Chess Women Programs. This weekend, Women's Program Director Jennifer Shahade will team up with streamer Alexandra Botez to take on their siblings in a hand and brain battle. IM and PRO Chess League commissioner Greg Shahade will play with Alexandra's sister, chess streamer Andrea Botez. Andrea was the top girl for her age in Canada several times, and the combination of partners is bound to be competitive.

One thing is sure: Botez and Shahade will win.

  • Date: Saturday, Jan, 25th at 5 ET
  • Who: Sibling Hand and Brain Match: WGM Jen Shahade + WFM Alexandra Botez versus IM Greg Shahade and Andrea Botez  
  • Format: Hand and Brain, 5 minutes + 5 seconds, first to 5 wins
  • Prize fund: $650/$350 [A portion of the prize fund was donated to US Chess Women in advance, and Jennifer Shahade's piece of the $1000 prize fund will also be donated.]
  • Donors: Ian "Maprail" Silverstone and Nikola Stojsin. Additional money will be raised during the match by the twitch audience and 60% will go directly to US Chess Women Programs.

To get involved, follow along on You can also donate to US Chess Women programs directly using our online form, where you can scroll down and select “Women’s Initiative.”

Jennifer and Greg Shahade, Photo IM Eric Rosen