Benko’s Spring Cleaning Problems

GM Pal Benko presents some fun problems, as a complement to his April Chess Life Magazine problems. “Everybody likes to give checkmate, here you can solve 40 of them.” The first part of these problems are more suitable for beginners or kids, and the second part of each are for more experienced solvers.

1.) How many mates in one are there? 

81.B How many mates are there in 1 ?


2.)  The Black King dropped of the board


a) How many squares can we put the Black king on to have a mate in 1 ? 

b) Where we can put the Black King to have a mate in 2 ? White to play :


3a.) Here the White Queen is missing. How many squares can we put the White Queen, so Black can mate in 1 two ways ? ( Helpmate in 1, Black to play , 2 solutions)

3b) From which of those squares can White helpmate Black in two in two different ways? (Helpmate in 2 , 2 solutions , Black to play)

4.) Helpmate in 3 ( 2 solutions ). White to play.


5.) Benko5a) Check-mate in 2 to all the ten kings at the same time (Black to play) 

b) Check-mate in 3 to all the ten kings (White to  play )


  1. Greatly enjoyed solving these problems! Thank you, Grandmaster Benko! As always your creativity and imagination enrich the art of chess problems and studies.

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