Bauer and Velez Top Executive Board Tallies

Randy Bauer

Preliminary results are in for the 2018 Executive Board Election, with Randy Bauer and Ryan Velez earning the most votes. Congratulations!

National TD Ken Ballou, on behalf of the Election Committee reported that the Chief Teller for the election sent in the numbers. He relayed the tallies on the US Chess Issues Forum.

  • Mr. Randy Bauer: 1437 votes
  • Mr. Ryan Velez: 1305 votes
  • Ms. Anjelina Belakovskaia: 408 votes
  • Mr. Lakshmana Viswanath: 340 votes

These totals will be submitted to the Delegates Saturday, August 4 for certification. The Election Committee expresses its gratitude for all who ran in this year’s election.

Ryan Velez

Our federation is stronger for the efforts of all who put themselves forward willingly to serve on the Executive Board.

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