The April Check Is in the Mail

Newly passed legislation allows you to win correspondence chess games by legalization!

The following rules are to be added to the US Chess Correspondence Rules:

  1. If you haven’t heard from your email opponent in 3 days, assume he has quit and claim forfeiture. Allow a postal opponent 7 days.
  2. If you receive an illegible move, assume it is the worst move on the board and make him stick to it.
  3. Now, a special app for sending if-moves. It is in standard font up front, but there is small print included.  As no one ever reads the small print, you can include all sorts of details.  blah, blah, blah and so forth and so on nothing important to read in the fine print including clauses that lead you to victory if your opponent selects the if-move you have provided.
  4. Computer usage will be legal, not for evaluating the position in your game, but for one move earlier/later.
  5. The “What-if” move, a non-binding if-move, is available now to see how your opponent will respond. If you like his answer, the game is continued.  If you do not, the if-move is cancelled.
  6. Note these rule changes are only good on April 1, 2017.


Robert Fass our latest International Master

Robert Fass of New York City has become our newest International Correspondence Chess Master.   Besides his success on the international level, Robert has made his mark domestically also, finishing second in the 2004 Electronic Knights, then third in the 2008 event.  Robert also tied for third place in the 2014 Absolute Championship.


Walter Muir

                Raymond Grinsteinner     16W31  4 ½-1 ½

                Patrick Beatrez     16W30  6-0

                Casey Jones    16W26  5-1

John Collins

                Brian Davis     14C19    5-1

                Bert Hart    15C08    6-0

Swift Quad

            Allan Ong     15SQ10           5-1

            Carlos Graupera     15SQ10        5-1


Bruce Gronenthal of Dover, Delaware.  Bruce was born11 November 1948 and died December 15, 2016.

Harold Bearce of Topeka, KS.  Born Sep. 8, 1938, died Feb. 6, 2017

“Computers check first five moves, rating, health of players, biorhythms and then decide the outcome of game.”

After Black loses the exchange on Move 24, White gets a chance to show off his endgame prowess.

The first two-thirds of the game belong to White who handles the offensive side of the Caro-Kann  Defense very well.  The last third of the game, however, are all Black’s.

When Black underestimates the strength of White’s retreating 14.. Nd2 he dooms himself to material  loss.

When White grasps the attack on Move 19, Black can’t shake him loose.

Black overlooks the defense 28…Ng5 29.  Bxg5 Qc3 and falls prey to a Queen sacrifice.


Newly titled ICCM Robert Fass shows why he is ICCM material.

“Attack, attack, attack – Is that all you ever do ?”

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