5 Ways to Celebrate International Chess Day!

Today, July 20, 2022 is International Chess Day! To help you celebrate, we have five ideas that you can do today, and every day, to take part in and grow the game we all love.

1) Introduce a Friend to Chess

Chess is a social game and besides, it's more fun to play with another person than to sacrifices pieces to Stockfish. Lots of people have heard about Chess and are curious, but simply don't know where to begin. If you're a chess player, invite a friend or group of friends out and teach them the basic rules. Who knows, maybe you could even turn an acquaintance into a lifelong friend!

Foxx vs Acers, 220406
Image Caption
courtesy Herb Leonard
Actor Jamie Foxx navigates his position against New Orleans legend Jude Acers.

2) Join or Start a Chess Club

There are chess clubs all over the United States and around the world that have players of all skill levels and backgrounds duking it out over the 64 squares. Use the US Chess club directory to see if there's a club in your area and, if there's not, maybe you could start your own! Whether you're a seasoned club player or just getting started, you should also check out our Guide to a Successful Chess Club for tips and practical advice.

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courtesy STLCC / Aditya Chandra

3) Sign Up for a Rated Tournament

Rated tournaments are the place to test your skill against other people who take the game of chess seriously. As a US Chess member, you are eligible to compete in US Chess-rated tournaments and earn an official rating. Rated tournaments are also a great place to meet new chess friends and challenge yourself to beat the best! Check out the US Chess tournament directory to see which events you'd like to attend.

2022 NMS Playing Hall

4) Get a New Chess Book (or revisit a favorite!)

One way to improve your game and learn new tips and tricks is through the vast library of Chess books. Nowadays, you don't necessarily need to have a hardcopy edition as many publications are available digitally or through learning platforms like Chessable. But we all remember that old copy of How to Improve Your Chess we borrowed from our uncle as kid, so why not dust that one off, or pick up a new one through US Chess sales? The sky's the limit!

FM James Canty
FM James Canty, III, a strong advocate for chess study, deciding what to read next. Photo: Canty

5) Play a Game… or Two… or Three…

This one's simple: get behind a real or digital board and play! Between the countless friends, clubs, tournaments, and internet games going on at any moment, there's always a chance to play a game of chess!



How are you celebrating International Chess Day? Share your ideas in the comments below or through Facebook or Twitter.