2022-2023 Scholastic Regulations

The Scholastic Council and the Executive Board have approved the 2022-2023 Scholastic Regulations. This year’s regulations can be found here. Substantive changes to this year’s regulations include:

  1. Section 11.2.3: Allows up to 2 Half-Point Byes in the K-12 Grades and the Spring Nationals. Previously, only 1 Half-Point Bye was allowed. This section also clarifies deadlines for requesting or changing Byes.
  2. Sections 12.3, 13.6.5 and 14.2.10: Section 12.3 describes the Appeals Process for contesting the eligibility of a player or a team participating in a National Scholastic event. Sections 13.6.5 and 14.2.10 also were affected by the change, so they have been updated.
  3. Section 12.4: Provides information on what Ratings Supplements will be used for the K-12 Grades, Spring Nationals, and SuperNationals.
  4. Section 12.5.2: Renames the Ratings Review Group as the Tournament Review Group to reflect the group’s expanded role in the adjudication of issues regarding player and/or team eligibility.
  5. Sections 18.11: Standardizes the time control (Game/90, with a 10-second time delay) and round times for the K-12 Grade Nationals and the Spring Nationals (High School, Middle School, and Elementary School).
  6. Section 19: Updates requirements on what sections are required (and not required) to keep notation at the Elementary (K-6) Nationals and the K-12 Grade Nationals.
  7. Appendices A and A-1 (Scholastic Blitz Rules): Changes the Blitz Time Control at the K-12 Grade Nationals to Game/3, with a 2-second increment.
  8. Appendix C (Family and Friends tournament): This section has been substantially revised.

If you have questions about the regulations, please contact Boyd Reed, Director of Events.