2021-2022 Scholastic Regulations

The Scholastic Council and the Executive Board have approved the 2021-2022 Scholastic Regulations. This year’s regulations can be found here. Substantive changes to this year’s regulations include:

1. A new event called the “Online National Scholastic Quick Chess Championships” is now part of the scholastic event yearly cycle.

2. The National Junior High (K-9) Championships has been renamed and restructured. The new name is the “National Middle School (K-8) Championship” Under the restructured format, 9th graders are not eligible to participate in this event.

3. In Section 18.1 (Pairings) we have eliminated all restrictions on pairing players from the same state. We also have revised the rules governing pairing players from the same school so that teammates will be less likely to be paired against one other.

4. Added Section 20.4 (Scoring Adjustments for Opponents of a Disqualified Player) to provide new procedures for adjusting the game scores for players who played someone disqualified from a tournament. The specifications apply to over-the-board and online events.

5. Updated Section 21 (Conduct of the Tournament) to add more specific instructions about media presence and access at national scholastic events.

6. Added Section 26 to provide regulations specific to online national scholastic play.

7. Made minor changes to the appendices for Blitz and Bughouse to clarify procedures in certain situations.

8. Added Appendix G (National State Invitational Tournaments) to call these prestigious events to the attention of the US Chess scholastic community.

If you have questions about the regulations, please contact Boyd Reed, Director of Events.

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