2020 US Amateur Team Playoff Set for September 26

The 2020 United States Amateur Team Championship playoff will take place on Saturday, September 26.  The playoff brings together the four winning teams from the regional US Amateur Team events held earlier this year.  The Internet Chess Club (ICC) will host this US Chess national championship event for the 13th consecutive year.

Each participant will compete with multiple video feeds to help ensure fair play.  Each team must play on board 1-4 in rating order, based on the January 2020 rating list.  This was the list used for the regional Amateur Team events. 

This year’s regional champions are listed below, with the members in descending board order.

  • E4
    • US Amateur South champions
    • Average rating 2191
    • Tianqi Wang (captain), Neo Zhu, Alex Chen, Benjamin Yan
  • BCS (Best Chess School)
    • US Amateur West champions
    • Average rating 2190
    • Gabriel Bick, Ladia Jirasek (captain), Rayan Taghizadeh, Ben Lemkin
  • SIG Calls
    • US Amateur East champions
    • Average rating 2187
    • Atulya Shetty, Eric Most (captain), Brian Luo, Justin Brereton
  • J’adoobie Brothers
    • US Amateur North champions
    • Average rating 2182
    • Scott Ramer, John Randolph (captain), Brian Lilly, Glen Gratz

There will be two semifinal matches.  The winner of each semifinal will play in the final.  The team that wins the final match will be declared 2020 US Amateur Team Champions.  Each member of the winning team will receive commemorative watches in addition to their national title. 

US Chess will announce the schedule and semifinal draw here for anyone who wants to log onto ICC and follow the action.  Watch this space for updates.

The chief tournament director will be NTD Joseph “Akron” Yun.  The ICC administrator will be William “BillScotty” Scott.  US Chess thanks ICC for their continued partnership in hosting this event.