2017 Executive Board Election Results are in


Results are in for the 2017 Executive Board Elections! Congratulations to Mike Nietman, Allen Priest, Hal Sprechman and Vakshmana Viswanath.

The exact totals are:

Mike Nietman: 830 votes
Allen Priest: 776 votes
Hal Sprechman: 654 votes
Lakshmana “Vish” Viswanath: 578 votes
Ryan Velez: 555 votes
Fun Fong: 544 votes

Pending certification by the Delegates Saturday, August 5, 2017,  Nietman, Priest, and Sprechman are elected to three year terms ending in 2020 and Mr. Viswanath is elected to a one year term ending in 2018.

The committee expresses appreciation to all who ran in this year’s election. Our federation is stronger for the willingness of these devoted individuals to give freely of their time and talent and their willingness to serve on the Executive Board.


  1. THE IMMEDIATE GOAL OF THE US CHESS FEDERATION POLICY BOARD MUST BE TO END FOREVER THE CRIMINAL FRAUD,MASSIVE PERSECUTION OF WOMEN(ie. international Fide chess Grandmaster Susan Polgar..elected by a landslide as US Chess president ..totally innocent of any transgression..removed from US Chess office at STAGGERING costs.. multi year lawsuits and lost promo millions… fraudulently forced out of office by the good ole boy crew ) .. AND ABOVE ALL.. VERSUS ITS ABSOLUTELY CORRECT,DESERVEDLY IRATE AND TRULY SAVAGE CRITICS… THE WILDCAT CHESS PROMOTERS. The following ONE HALF CENTURY AND COUNTING ..AWESOME AND UNBELIEVABLE WONDERFUL PEOPLE .. (chess promotional monsters) should be named immediately to the chess hall of fame: William Goichberg (the greatest chess tourney director of all time-period,amen, that is all folks.) Russell Miller, the great promotional genius behind two chess Guinness Book of world records, thousands of chess media events,PRISON CHESS EVENTS, Northwest Chess magazine and huge AMERICAN historical chess data projects..ALL THIS FROM “THE RUSTY” POSTCARDS, US MAIL FLYERS AND ABOVE ALL.. A SHACK BY THE TRACK IN YAKIMA, WASHINGTON….all this over a half a century..ALL THIS OUT OF HIS OWN MIND AND OFTEN PAID FOR OUT OF HIS OWN WALLET..RICHARD SHORMAN , THE GREAT CALIFORNIA “BOB DYLAN OF CHESS” who promoted chess FOR SIX DECADES AND COUNTING… in hundreds of police stations, fire stations, small towns,PRISONS, SCHOOLS, COLLEGES,HOSPITALS , CHURCHES,LIBRARIES, CAFES ..all along the highway with 500,000 miles on his little Volkswagen Beetle. HE CAME, HE SAW, HE PARKED, CHESS HAPPENED…and the great GUTSY UNBELIEVABLE SURVIVOR..THE TOWERING AMERICAN CHESS PYRAMID, THE GIANT ELEPHANT IN THE US CHESS POLICY BOARD ROOM – 7 time national collegiate team championship chess coach..THE ONE,THE ONLY, THE FABULOUS ORGANIZATIONAL CHESS WIZARD ..FIDE CHESS GRANDMASTER SUSAN POLGAR OF WEBSTER COLLEGE. To the entire board I thank you so very much for reading my letter… expect ridicule and laughter. It is a very great honor to speak the truth. My goodness gracious..even feels good too. I would die to pen this letter. It really is standing up for honor,justice, fairness … for what is right. Ok… a vote of one in the forest. But I tried before I died. It is letting petty hatreds, jealousy,be bygone. You are staring at four AMERICAN CHESS GIANTS who tower above all of us..The real deal. Thank you Jude Acers/ New Orleans

  2. By far this was the most friendly group of candidates & the most positive campaign by all.

    It was also the first competitive election in years where members had more candidates than votes.

    For the health of a vibrant community & organization let’s see more of that

  3. VISH..CHESS TOURNAMENTS here there and everywhere.. NEVER LAWSUITS. KINDNESS AND HONOR TO EVERYONE INCLUDING SAVAGE MERCILESS CRITICS OF US CHESS …Serious pro chess notes on chess all over the US chess website. Cash not stupid US CHESS talk.Chessplayers need food and water like Tennis and Golf etc.. AS POINTED OUT BY WORLD TOP TEN GRANDMASTER LEVON ARONIAN..The worlds greatest historical chess players are RIGHT NOW in our midst.. Chess is not kiddieland cultism..it is a fierce billion dollar mega BOOK,MEDIA, CHESS EQUIPMENT,TEACHING industry and sport in 188 chess nations with now estimated 600 million chess phone app users(Agon survey)… RESPECT FOR All WOMEN…Immediately HOLD AN EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING IN ST. lOUIS AND JUST LISTEN TO BILLIONAIRE CHESS SPONSORS REX AND JEANNE SINQUEFIELD OF THE ST. LOUIS SCHOLASTIC AND CHESS CENTER.It will also be a RICH experience indeedie for thee. You, the new courteous,listening, caring and civil new day, will learn a GREAT DEAL in world record time.GOOD WINDS VISHY TO YOU ALWAYS AND REMEMBER ‘CAN’T NEVER COULD”..YOU DIE WITH ‘CAN’T” Start dreaming now. Jude Acers/ New Orleans PS Saving the US Chess organization is really a very simple matter since you have the marvelous game of chess to work with…you immediately declare a 50 state ONE PLAYER FROM EVERY SINGLE US STATE US CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIER..27 (all title eligible fide rated) GAMES IN 5 DAYS FLAT WITH EXACT DATES FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS ANNOUNCED IMMEDIATELY…All American chess grandmasters are automatically entered also. 27 world ratedtitle eligible thriller games FLAT in 5 days ..9 fide rated rapid and 18 fide blitz ..all electrifying games with no draw offers EVER allowed..NO LEAVING THE CHESS BOARD FOR EVEN ONE SECOND DURING THE ENTIRE GAME..title eligible (ALWAYS HELD IN THE SUMMER SCHOOL VACATION MONTHS} instantly world rated as just thrillingly won by world champion Carlsen in Belgium in 5 days flat.. all world rated for every single US player in five days flat. End of case.You would instantly reach out and touch everyone.It would shake the American chess world to its timbers.The US Chess as a RIDICULOUS silly pathetic joke era would end overnight. US CHESS WOULD BE DA BOSS.And Vishy..you would be proud of all of us a we rocked ..the entire wonderful chess world with real deal coverage as all local plyers are in the hunt everywhere.

    • We have Denker, Barber, and this year there is an ADM for a senior’s event. Your idea looks like a open of the same form. This might fit very well into US Open. Do you want to explore and create an Acer event? You say you have sponsors too…. What do you say… (and a free red beret to all players).

  4. Karl- Do not worry.. people learn over time that all chess players matter..especially the incredulous six hundred million data confirmed cell phone chess app users… mushrooming at 10,000 per day! Jude Acers/New Orleans

  5. Wouldn’t it be great if Allen Priest said NY scholastic chess players should be thanked for all their years supporting nationals in Tennessee? It won’t happen. Mr. Priest is all about taking. He would rather spit in the face of an NY scholastic player.

  6. Karl, this is way over the top and very inappropriate for a public forum. I realize that there are a number of issues here, but if you are coming to Norfolk then maybe this could be discussed privately with Allen? If you are not coming, then maybe I could meet with him instead, along with any Delegates and EB members who would like to help foster a good working relationship between the NY Delegation and the Executive Board?

  7. You are probably right regarding the hyperbole, Steve, and I aplogize for getting a bit carried away.

    • ABSOLUTELY RIGHT MR. IMMITT..Remember that ALL OF YOU (wild outlaw/ dreaming but proud promoters) ARE GOING TO WIN BIG TIME WITH 600,000,000 NOW CERTIFIED absolutely free and playing daily aplenty..CHESS PHONE APP USERS. Chess organizers with the names Heck,Immitt,Goichberg,Priest , The Vish…will no longer live in the pathetic shadows and have to beg petty crumbs for chess. It is going to be monstrously bigger than ALL OF YOU you ever imagined. $300,000 goes on the line in St. Louis in just weeks and $150,000 more with Kasparov 4 days later.BOTH BROADCAST LIVE WORLDWIDE FREE OF charge by Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield/ST . LOUIS CHESS CLUB AND SCHOLASTIC CENTER….. The summer is jammed with WORLD chess events that step all over each other.All schools will SOON have an ONLINE WORLD CHESS TEAM and instruction. Cars WILL fly later this year. Volvo releases nothing but battery operated cars in two years flat. This is likewise the real deal. Jude Acers/ New Orleans

      • Jude, this is the first encounter I am having with you right here. Had absolutely no dealings with you earlier. If I can be of any assistance let me know. If I can I will. In any case… I wish you nothing but the best in your undertakings.

        • Hello Vish..MR. DIPLOMAT, EXPONENT PERSONIFIED OF GET THINGS DONE KINDNESS: My undertaking is to stand for truth, honor, recognition of hall of fame greatness for Mr. William Goichberg,( WORLD OPEN INVENTER-ABSOLUTE CHESS GIANT/ORGANIZATIONAL TITAN) the crusty, hide in the corner , wildly individualistic often very unpopular person who is the greatest WORLD chess tourney director who ever lived, period ,end of case that is all folks.I am not sketching Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi when I also add that the greatest collegiate national chess coach of alL time , colossal organizer/author(SPICE GRANDMASTER PRO CHESS TOURNEY SERIES) and epic world chess fide grandmaster SUSAN POLGAR must also go to the chess hall of fame via nomination by the board. We are a worldwide laughingstock, a certifiable joke, an international disgrace in denying greatness and immense contribution to our chess world. Horrible petty jealousy, real petty hatred from small time and largely inconsequential uncaring small tier, here today and gone tomorrow pathetic uncaring envious chess organizers, past savage disputes must now be gone…were Polgar and Goichberg covered with mud and garbage, were they in putrid rags, alone and abandoned in a forest..they would still tower one hundred thousand feet above the US chess office, the HORRENDOUS executive board historical past history filled with Shakespearian secrecy, deceit,theft, treachery.. indeed…above us all… Daring to try, to dream..still covered with glory, amidst their merited half century glow. Vish ..sometimes in snarly unkempt fashion.. They got it all done their way. Now let’s get things done the Vishy way.THE Vish has OBVIOUSLY more tact, diplomatic smarts, courtesy, freshness and kindness in the little finger than Jude Acers has in his entire body. Go Vish! Jude Acers/New Orleans Ps at the proper moment please also nominate MR. RICHARD SHORMAN OF HAYWARD CALIFORNIA, MR RUSSELL MILLER OF VANCOUVER WASHINGTON for their astounding 50 years of epic, unrelenting …no surrender,truly staggering world class chess promotion in a sea of uncaring chess wilderness and jealous mickey mouse do nothing chess organizers…Contact Mr. John Donaldson /CAPTAIN the world chess championship gold medal chess team USA at the Mechanics Institute chess directors office at 57 Post Street/ 4th floor /San Francisco, California ..historian-international master John Donaldson, THE world chess authority beyond words… can effortlessly supply a play by play update of the quiet world stature of the west coast chess musketeers ..our hidden giants… both Mr. Shorman and ‘THE RUSTY” Miller should go to chess hall of fame. They stand alone out there, silent , almost forgotten. Again thank you so very much for reading my letter.

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