2016 National Girls Tournament of Champions Announces New Scholarship

Veronika Zilajeva, Anupama Rajendra, Jennifer Shahade, Evian Xiang, Jennifer Yu and Jon Haskel, Photo Jeff Smith The 2015 National Girls Champs: Veronika Zilajeva, Anupama Rajendra, Jennifer Shahade, Evian Xiang, Jennifer Yu and Jon Haskel, Photo Jeff Smith
US Chess is happy to announce a $5000 scholarship for the winner of the 2016 National Girls Tournament of Champions from July 29-August 2 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (previously the NGIT). The scholarship is generously funded by Richard and Barbara Schiffrin of PA.
Richard told US Chess why it was important to him to offer a scholarship for this prestigious girls tournament, "Not only do chess players learn analytical and strategic skills, but... colleges and employers (so often) associate chess with brains; so many more boys access these benefits, and it's time for girls to catch up. There isn't a college or employer on earth who won't be impressed by an applicant who says "chess player."
Jean Hoffman, executive director of US Chess, said "We are thrilled with Richard and Barbara's donation, and know this will be an incentive for girls to qualify and prepare for this exciting event."
The six round tournament will be held in conjunction with the Denker tournament of high-school champions and Barber K-8 Championships. Players will be encouraged to play the 2016 US Open immediately after the event.
National Master and World Youth gold medalist Jennifer Yu was joined by Veronika Zilajeva, Anupama Rajendra and Evan Xiang, as co-champions of the 2015 tournament. Find more details on the 2015 event here. 
This scholarship will be valid for any institution of higher learning and will be complemented by other stipends/prizes to be detailed later.
Each state affiliate is invited to send one representative, a female player in grades K-12 who has demonstrated her ability in a manner satisfactory to the state affiliate. Each affiliate is encouraged to arrange for an alternate player to attend should the original selected player be unable to participate. If there are an odd number of players, the host state affiliate may include a second participant to complete the field of players.
Find more details on the National Girls Invitational here, including contact info for the US Chess Women's Committee. Also look out for more information soon at uschess.org on special scholarships for the Denker tournament of high school champions, and Barber tournament of K-8 champions, held at the same time as the National Girls'.