US Chess Announces 2019 World Youth Qualifiers

The US Chess Federation is pleased to announce the list of players who have qualified to participate in the 2019 World Youth (U14, U16, U18) Chess Championships to be held in Mumbai, India, from October 1 – 13, 2019.  These students earned this honor by achieving the highest rating in their age and gender categories according to the US Chess April 2019 rating supplement.  Additionally, players may qualify as Personal Rights (PR) players by winning a gold medal at the 2018 Pan-American Youth Championship.

The top players by rating in each age category are considered the United States Official Representatives by FIDE, the World Chess Federation, but all USA players may compete in the event as part of the US Chess delegation.  If an Official Representative (listed as OR below) in an age category declines to attend, then the highest rated player in that category who is registered with the US Chess Office by July 1 will be considered the Official U.S. Representative.

All players, including official representatives, personal rights players, and additional players, who plan to attend must be registered and fully paid with the US Chess office by the July 1, 2019 deadline.  No late registrations will be accepted.

Official representatives and personal rights players receive a travel stipend and free coaching, and are reimbursed for hotel, entry fees, and administrative fees.  Travel and all fees for accompanying persons are the player’s responsibility.  Any “extra” players are responsible for all fees, plus a US Chess administrative fee, and are welcome to pay for coaching.

Details and regulations concerning the 2019 World Youth are not yet posted by the organizers, but will be posted here when they become available.  In the meantime, interested players should contact US Chess Assistant Director of Events Pete Karagianis ([email protected]) to begin the registration process.

OR and PR players, listed below, are exempt from US Chess administration fees.  Only the Official U.S. Representatives (OR) and Personal Rights (PR) players are eligible to receive further financial support from US Chess and/or the organizers.  However, the FIDE World Youth is an open tournament and any US Chess member who meets the age and eligibility requirements may pay their own way to play. The age/gender categories for the World Youth are Open and Girls – Under 14, Under 16, and Under 18.   Find more information on US Chess scholastic invitational requirements.

A player’s age for this tournament is his/her age as of January 1, 2019.  The due date for players to be fully registered and paid with the US Chess office is July 1, 2019.

More information about international youth events can be found here.

Congratulations to the following players who have qualified as the Official U.S. Representatives to the 2019 World Youth!

Open U18 Qualifiers

Ruifeng Li (Texas) – Official Representative (OR)

John Michael Burke (New Jersey)

Nicolas Checa (New York)

Advait Patel (Oklahoma)

David Brodsky (New York)

Praveen Balakrishnan (Virginia)

Ben Li (Michigan)

Jennifer Yu (Virginia)

Yoon-Young Kim (Connecticut)

Rayan Taghizadeh (California)


Open U16 Qualifiers

Awonder Liang (Wisconsin) – OR

Brandon Jacobson (New Jersey)

Hans Niemann (Connecticut)

Andrew Hong (California)

David Peng (Illinois)

Justin Chen (New York)

Wesley Wang (New York)

Josiah Stearman (California)

Carissa Yip (Massachusetts)

Christopher Shen (Ohio)

Nikhil Kumar (Florida)

Andy Huang (Virginia)

Ivan Ke (California)

Alexander Costello (California)

Justin Paul (Virginia)

Akira Nakada (New York)

Vincent Baker (Ohio)

Anthony Ge (California)

Jason Morefield (Virginia)

Anish Vivekananthan (Texas)

Aydin Turgut (Indiana)

Kevin Yang (California)


Open U14 Qualifiers

Justin Wang (Texas) – OR

Christopher Yoo (California)

Anthony He (Washington)

Balaji Daggupati (California)

Robert Shlyakhtenko (California)

Arthur Guo (Georgia)

Vincent Tsay (New York)

Jason Wang (Ohio)

Nico Chasin (New York) – Personal Rights (PR)

Maximillian Lu (Connecticut) – PR

Ming Lu (California)

Alex Kolay (California)

Rochelle Wu (California)

Eddy Tian (New Jersey)

Davis Zong (New York)

Kirk Ghazarian (California)

Noah Thomforde-Toates (Pennsylvania)

Derek Clasby (New Jersey)

Gus Huston (New York)

Logan Wu (Tennessee)

Alan Song (Massachusetts)

Jason Yu (Washington)

Gabriel Eidelman (California)

Kevin Pan (California)

Rithik Polvaram (Texas)

Daniel Hung (Texas)

Paris Prestia (New York)

Teddie Wen (California)

Dustin Liang (Massachusetts)

Jerry Li (Massachusetts)


Girls U18 Qualifiers

Jennifer Yu (Virginia) – OR

Annie Wang (California)

Akshita Gorti (Virginia)

Emily Nguyen (Texas)

Thalia Cervantes (Missouri)

Joanna Liu (Arizona)

Sophie Morris-Suzuki (New York)

Julia Sevilla (California)

Sasha Konovalenko (Michigan)

Devina Devagharan (Texas)

Angelica Chin (New Jersey)

Camille Kao (Texas)

Nancy Wang (New York)

Marissa Li (Illinois)

Sara Herman (Colorado)

Vicki Yang (New York)

Miranda Liu (Illinois)

Tianhui (Cindy) Jie (Florida)

Queena Deng (California)

Kimberly Liu (California)

Priya Thakru (Texas)

Ashley Xing (Virginia)


Girls U16 Qualifiers

Carissa Yip (Massachusetts) – OR

Martha Samadashvili (New York)

Sanjana Vittal (New Jersey)

Evelyn Zhu (New York)

Shreya Mangalam (Illinois)

Naomi Bashkansky (Washington)

Yassamin Ehsani (New York)

Cindy Zhang (California)

Sheena Zeng (Kansas)

Anne-Marie Velea (Washington) – PR

Susanna Ulrich (Wisconsin)

Arya Kumar (North Carolina)

Katherene Qi (New York)

Aasa Dommalapati (Virginia)

Aria Hoesley (Illinois)

Iris Zhou (Missouri)

Minda Chen (Washington)

Chang Xu (Arizona)

Diana Suralik (New Jersey)

Amy Lei (Massachusetts)

Antara Garai (California)

Katrina Wong (New York)

Sana Tan (Utah)

Ashley Yan (Illinois)

Shama Yisrael (Florida)


Girls U14 Qualifiers

Rochelle Wu (California) – OR

Nastassja Matus (Minnesota)

Rianne Ke (California)

Gracy Prasanna (Pennsylvania)

Anh Nhu Nguyen (Texas)

Ambica Yellamraju (Texas)

Nura Baalla (New York)

Aksithi Eswaran (California)

Aparna Yellamraju (Texas)

Annapoorni Meiyappan (California)

Gauri Menon (Wisconsin)

Emma Cheng (Ohio)

Jessica Hyatt (New York)

Julia Miyasaka (New York)

Natalia Zduniewicz (New York)

Joy Cao (Massachusetts)

Charisse Woods (Michigan)

Sophie Tien (Washington)

Maya Doron-Repa (New York)

Natalie Wisniowski (Illinois)

Dhriti Iyer (Pennsylvania)

Adeti Mohanselvan (Ohio)


  1. Who are the qualifiers from Guam, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands (American territories whose federations are separate from the United States Chess Federation)?

    • *facepalm* US Chess doesn’t administer the affairs of other federations. It doesn’t matter that they’re American territories. FIDE recognizes them as separate entities, and they set their own rules for sending representatives to FIDE events.

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