USA vs Uzbekistan, Aug 1, 2022
In Monday's fourth round of the 2022 FIDE Olympiad, the USA’s Open team narrowly avoided losing to Uzbekistan, with the match ending in a 2-2 tie.… Read More »
the 2022 FIDE Olympiad
The third round of the 2022 FIDE Olympiad saw America’s Open team win their third match to remain among the leaders, while the Women’s team suffered… Read More »
GM Fabiano Caruana
The second round of the 2022 FIDE Olympiad produced few surprises in the team results in either the Open or Women’s sections. In the Open section,… Read More »
Ladies Knight July 2022
In a special episode of Ladies Knight, host WGM Jennifer Shahade takes on listener questions, ranging from a member of her girls chess club who… Read More »
Shabalov, Yu, Yoo
After a long final day, featuring two rapid playoffs and one blitz showdown, the 2022 U.S. Junior, Girls’ Junior, and Senior Championships are… Read More »
Yoo vs Mishra
Friday’s penultimate round of the 2022 U.S. Junior, Girls’ Junior, and Senior Championships saw the Junior and Girls’ Junior frontrunners maintain… Read More »
Akobian and Dlugy are texting
The players came ready to rumble on Thursday at the 2022 Juniors and Senior Championships. No fewer than 13 of 15 of the seventh round… Read More »
US Chess Federation logo
The US Chess Federation is pleased to announce the 2022 Annual Award recipients. Congratulations to all of these individuals and organizations who… Read More »
WFM Sophie Morris-Suzuki
After the rest day, the players came out fighting in the sixth round of the 2022 Junior, Girls' Junior, and Senior Championships. With the… Read More »
Abhi Mishra
The 2022 Girls Junior Championship was where the most dramatic action was on Saturday, including some spectacular games that came down to the wire.… Read More »
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