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Arthur Guo (Georgia) is among the top seeds at the Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions A thrilling quartet opens the festivities in Madison, Wisconsin… Read More »
Grandmasters Sergey Kudrin, Joel Benjamin, Jaan Ehlvest and Alex Shabalov. Not pictured: GM Alex Yermolinsky Congratulations to Team USA for earning… Read More »
US Chess wishes a hearty Happy Birthday to Grandmaster Pal Benko, also a renowned composer and popular author. At 90 years young (as of July 15, 2018… Read More »
The tournament has changed locations every year, to give seniors from different regions a chance to play locally. This year it was held In New… Read More »
The 2018 version of the World Open kicked off at the Philadelphia Downtown Marriott last week. Counting blitz and action events, the World Open...… Read More »
Nathan as the commendatore in Don Giovanni. He has played all four male roles in the opera FM Nathan Resika is a former US Senior Champion, an opera… Read More »
Going into Championship weekend at the US Chess Championships in Saint Louis (April 17-30) two players hailing from California are in the clear lead… Read More »
Two Alexes reigned in Northfield, Minnesota, the site of the US Junior Open and US Senior Open from July 21-23. Our new US Senior Open Champion, Alex… Read More »
GM Alex Yermolinsky The US Junior and Senior Opens are underway now in Northfield, Minnesota with 164 Juniors and 104 Seniors. After four rounds...… Read More »
When most people think of the World Open they naturally think of the main event – the 9 round Swiss that ends July 4th weekend. However, the World...… Read More »

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