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Robert Irons Gary Boye of Buffalo, New York and Robert Irons of Elmira, New York, shared first place in the 2015 Swift Quad 15SQ14. GAME OF THE MONTH… Read More »
Timothy Weil of Denver, Colorado, has won the closely contested Walter Muir 15W10. By wining one and drawing one against each opponent, Tim made...… Read More »
The latest edition of the Check is in the Mail features the game of the month from David McCann. Also featured: James Vaughan (pictured), who won the… Read More »
NEW: LEFT-HANDED CHESS BOARD Tired of constantly having to live in a right-handed world? Fed up with “white on the right” rules and regulations? Do… Read More »
Tim Corkum of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin has won the 2011 Electronic Knights Championship. Tim, who qualified for all three Finals section, put...… Read More »
WILBUR TSENG INTERNATIONAL CC MASTER Wilbur Tseng has won just about every US title there is –first place in Walter Muirs, John Collins, Trophy Quads… Read More »
TONY KAIN ABSOLUTELY BEST! Tony Kain has one again shown his chess muscles. For a man who enjoys weightlifting and formal debates, this is to be...… Read More »
December's Game of the Month features International Correspondence Chess Master Thomas Williams. Also browse through Dunne's traditional collection… Read More »

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