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"There is never enough time you could spend on a single game as long as there are ideas to try." -Ron Langeveld, 26th World Correspondence… Read More »
"Correspondence play reinforces a player’s combinative ability by giving him time and leisure, and freeing him from the time limitations and nervous… Read More »
This is a violent game filled with unexpected twists as Black consistently hunts down the White forces using his superior development. This game is… Read More »
"Correspondence ought to make one’s play more accurate and far-seeing and is also suitable for people living in villages or in poor health or who… Read More »
“I don’t have the patience for correspondence or the hands for bullet.” -Magnus Carlsen on limiting himself to three world titles - standard, blitz… Read More »
Newly passed legislation allows you to win correspondence chess games by legalization!Read More »
Samir Alazawi, originally from Baghdad, Iraq, and now of Carmichael, California, has won the 2013 Electronic Knights Championship. Samir took a...… Read More »
Hans Berliner was the Fifth World Correspondence Chess Champion. His record in correspondence play, both national and international, was unsurpassed.… Read More »
"The principle attraction of correspondence chess is the freedom to play chess as and when it suits you." -Stan SteligaRead More »
Joel Levine wins another Palciauskas! Joel Levine has won his fourth Master-level Palciauskas tournament with a decisive edge in 14P01 ceding only a… Read More »

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