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Olga Rubtsova was the only person to become Women's World Champion in both OTB and Correspondence Chess.Read More »
"I recommend that you use correspondence chess to test out the openings that you will later play in your over-the-board tournament games." -Jon...… Read More »
Thomas Babcock of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, is no stranger to winning first place in a John Collins event, having done so in 2008, 2009, and 2013...… Read More »
"The technique of good correspondence chess lies in playing good moves." -Graham MitchellRead More »
"Eagle-eyed correspondence chess players take nothing for granted." -Irving ChernevRead More »
"There is never enough time you could spend on a single game as long as there are ideas to try." -Ron Langeveld, 26th World Correspondence… Read More »
"Correspondence play reinforces a player’s combinative ability by giving him time and leisure, and freeing him from the time limitations and nervous… Read More »
This is a violent game filled with unexpected twists as Black consistently hunts down the White forces using his superior development. This game is… Read More »
"Correspondence ought to make one’s play more accurate and far-seeing and is also suitable for people living in villages or in poor health or who… Read More »
“I don’t have the patience for correspondence or the hands for bullet.” -Magnus Carlsen on limiting himself to three world titles - standard, blitz… Read More »

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