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2014 Electronic Knights Championship Chris Lewis Chris Lewis of Lynchburg, Virginia has improved his position from the 2013 Electronic Knights where… Read More »
BEAUTIFUL BLINDFOLD CHESS SET Just look at the elegant design of this chess set made exclusively for blindfold chess players. If you can visualize...… Read More »
James Tracz 2011 Golden Knights Champion James Tracz of Farmington Hills, Michigan is the clear winner of the 2011 Golden Knights Championship, an...… Read More »
The Check Is in the Mail February 2019 Somnath Mukherjee It’s a three-peat for Colorado champion Somnath Mukherjee, winning the championship in 2016… Read More »
The Check Is in the Mail January 2019 The United States correspondence team has qualified for the finals by tying or winning all its nine matches in… Read More »
Preston Ladson of Philadelphia demonstrates why a difference of 300+ rating points can be decisive in correspondence chess. We also check out a...… Read More »
Read Alex Dunne's November 2018 "Check is in the Mail" here (pdf) and find past articles by Dunne using the Postal Category, and a full archive of… Read More »
[Paul Keres’] great skill in dealing with complications was developed largely through correspondence play. -Max Euwe, the 5th Classical World Chess… Read More »
"Modern correspondence chess isn't all about CPU power (although that obviously helps), but more about how you prepare each move and how you work… Read More »
When a Master of the initiative meets a Master of defense, the game is sure to be difficult.Read More »

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