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Magnus Carlsen, World Champion, Photo IM Eric Rosen Magnus Carlsen retained his World Championship title in a stunning rapid display, defeating...… Read More »
November 27 is Giving Tuesday, and this year we’d like you to consider making a financial contribution to US Chess. We are working hard to grow the… Read More »
The final classical game in London was drawn, Photo IM Eric Rosen The twelfth straight draw at the Magnus Carlsen-Fabiano Caruana match in London… Read More »
The Carlsen-Caruana World Championship match is tied with one round left at 5.5-5.5. Today's game started out with some levity as 2016 challenger...… Read More »
Ju Wenjun retained her World Championships title, More photos Grandmaster Ju Wenjun defied the odds to defend her World...… Read More »
Fabiano Caruana, Photo IM Eric Rosen The tenth draw of the Magnus Carlsen-Fabiano Caruana match was the wildest game yet, with each player's position… Read More »
There was a ninth straight draw today in the match between World Champion Magnus Carlsen and American challenger Fabiano Caruana. This sets a record… Read More »
In the Women's World Championship final (November 19-23) in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, GM Kateryna Lagno of Russia was first to strike in a four-game… Read More »
World Championship challenger Fabiano Caruana achieved a big advantage against Magnus Carlsen in today’s Game 8 of the World Championship, both on… Read More »
The most anticipated World Championship match in recent memory has just crossed the halfway point, with Magnus Carlsen employing his second straight… Read More »

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