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Shrek vs. Beth Harmon in a 24-game match; a philosophical discussion of chess Twitter; psychology, mind games, and stare-downs; and the return of...… Read More »
Have you ever heard of "Secret Queen"? What happens when 36 pawns meet a chess set? How fast do you have to be to win a game of "Racing Kings"? What’… Read More »
Season 4 of Chess Underground is here! Host Pete Karagianis and Gopal Menon approach the question: "What is chess most like?" The answer(s) may...… Read More »
This month, Pete Karagianis sits down with IM Kassa Korley for the Chess Underground. Born and raised in New York City, Kassa learned to play chess… Read More »
This month Chess Underground sits down with IM Kostya Kavutskiy of ChessDojo, taking a deep dive into chess coaching, improvement, streaming, and… Read More »
To start off the New Year, Chess Underground gets in touch with its emotions. This month we speak to "Chessfeels" himself, AKA JJ Lang, who joins… Read More »
The December Chess Underground pays tribute to Chicago chess legend FM Albert Chow. Hear memories and stories of Albert from those who knew him best… Read More »
Smorks, disco porks, mocktails, London Love (hate?), and the Kingside and Queenside separated by only nine thousand miles or so. The definitive* IM… Read More »
What do DAOs, Bansky, bachelorette parties, derivative art, classic Kung Fu movies and a post-apocalyptic landscape have in common? They're all...… Read More »
Yes, it's a day late, but you'll be sad if you don't listen for reasons of arbitrary calendar counting. (And what is time, anyway?) The August… Read More »

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