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Find out what Pete and Gopal give “Chess Thanks” for on this edition of the Chess Underground. From the mundane and obvious to the deep and pseudo...… Read More »
The October CU completes it’s quest to seamlessly fuse with the Chessfeels Podcast, as host Pete Karagianis and Gopal Menon sit down with Julia Rios… Read More »
The September edition of The Chess Underground assesses the idea of “Do No Harm,” stemming from an earlier discussion on the podcast. Host Pete...… Read More »
The Chess Underground, with host Pete Karagianis and Gopal Menon, returns in August to discuss some spicy interviews as hot as the Miami heat, chess… Read More »
Chess Underground returns! Pete and Gopal try to answer the question, "What makes your best results?" How do we perform at our best over the board...… Read More »
Shrek vs. Beth Harmon in a 24-game match; a philosophical discussion of chess Twitter; psychology, mind games, and stare-downs; and the return of...… Read More »
Have you ever heard of "Secret Queen"? What happens when 36 pawns meet a chess set? How fast do you have to be to win a game of "Racing Kings"? What’… Read More »
Season 4 of Chess Underground is here! Host Pete Karagianis and Gopal Menon approach the question: "What is chess most like?" The answer(s) may...… Read More »
This month, Pete Karagianis sits down with IM Kassa Korley for the Chess Underground. Born and raised in New York City, Kassa learned to play chess… Read More »
This month Chess Underground sits down with IM Kostya Kavutskiy of ChessDojo, taking a deep dive into chess coaching, improvement, streaming, and… Read More »

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