US Chess FIDE Rating Fees effective April 1, 2020

US Chess is announcing a revised fee structure for the cost of submitting FIDE rated events for rating. These fees are in addition to the regular charges for US Chess rating such events. US Chess gets charged by FIDE for submitting Standard FIDE rated events per Section 9 of the FIDE Financial Regulations. The fees below cover the current charges to US Chess by FIDE along with a small administrative fee to cover exchange rate fluctuations and current bank fees.
Tournament Type Fees for Affiliates Fees for FIDE Academies
Swiss/Team Events $1.25/player
$60.00 minimum
no minimum
Round Robins
Avg FIDE Rating up to 2300 $62.50 $55.00
Avg FIDE Rating 2301-2400 $125.00 $110.00
Avg FIDE Rating 2401-2500 $187.50 $165.00
Avg FIDE Rating 2501-2600 $250.00 $220.00
Avg FIDE Rating above 2600 $375.00 $330.00
  Blitz and Rapid Events: FIDE does not currently charge for FIDE rated Blitz and Rapid events therefore these will not incur a FIDE rating fee charge from US Chess. FIDE Academies are approved by the FIDE Trainers’ Commission and must be in good standing to pay the reduced fees. US Chess reserves the right to adjust these charges, based on FIDE policy changes, current exchange rate and applicable bank fees. For information on running FIDE rated events in the US, please check out our FIDE FAQ Document. Please direct questions regarding these fees to: Chris Bird US Chess FIDE Events Manager


In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

So a five (5) round regular rated Swiss with forty (40) players would incur a total charge of $85.00 (FIDE fee + US Chess rating fee). Is that correct?

In reply to by Louis Reed (not verified)

40 players x $1.25 per player = $50.00 for a Swiss. Since this is below the $60.00 minimum then the cost would be $60.00 for the FIDE rating fee portion.

In reply to by cbird

If submitted electronically, then the US Chess rating fee would be an additional $25 (25¢ per game x 100 games). For a total of $85.

In reply to by Louis Reed (not verified)

Correct. The current US Chess rating fee for events submitted online is $0.25/game with a minimum of $3.00. I was just trying to show the FIDE rated charge for such an event as that is primarily what this announcement pertains to.

In reply to by cbird

Cool; thank you Chris!

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

So we have to pay the FIDE Academy Fee in addition to the rating fee?

In reply to by Dane Zagar (not verified)

FIDE Academies pay a reduced fee for FIDE rating their events and yes, there is a fee to become a FIDE Academy but that is charged by FIDE, not US Chess. There are currently only 4 FIDE approved Academies in the US, everyone else will pay the regular fee for FIDE rating an event. Please click on the links in the announcement for information on FIDE Academies. name is Rafael Bueno...I am a FIDE MASTER since 1981...but because I`m living in the USA for the past 27 years I would like to belong to the US longer Cuban much I have to pay for this transfer?...(my cuban name was Alfredo Bueno),,,my FIDE ID is...3500810....

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