North American Youth Set for November in Mexico

The 2018 North American Youth Chess Championships will be held November 16 – 21, 2018 at the Hotel Puerto Nuevo Baja Hotel & Villas, Puerto Nuevo, Baja California, Mexico.

The age categories for the 2018 North American Youth are U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, and U18.  Each category has Open and Girls sections.  A player’s age for this tournament is his/her age as of January 1, 2018.  Medals as well as direct FIDE titles and norms are awarded to the top three players in each section.  For more information on the titles/norms available, see page 6 of the regulations.

The event is held at the official hotel, Hotel Puerto Nuevo Baja Hotel & Villas – there is an additional fee of 700 pesos for participants not staying at the official hotel.

2017 North American Youth Champions (gold medalists) qualify as personal rights (PR) players, and receive 60% conditions from the organizers.

In accordance with US Chess’ scholastic invitational requirements, the US Chess Official Representative in each of the 12 sections will be the player with the highest rating per the February 2018 rating supplement who notifies FIDE Events Manager Grant Oen, [email protected] by Monday, September 10.

Registration for the 2018 North American Youth Chess Championship must be done directly with the organizers.  The organizing committee offers 60% conditions for PR and OR players, as mentioned above, but all other players must pay their own entry fees, hotel fees, food, transportation, and travel.

Complete information and registration can be found in the event regulations.  Although the organizers will accept registrations until October 31, US Chess urges all interested players to begin the registration process with the organizers very early.

The organizers can be contacted at [email protected] and [email protected]



  1. Does the Announcement in your link respect the aforementioned statement (and FIDE America rules, by the way) “A player’s age for this tournament is his/her age as of January 1, 2018”?

    It would seem otherwise

  2. The information was vague. I had to do some research and appears you need to fly in Tijuana Mexico airport(General A.L Rodriguez Airport) for around 1500 to 2500 US dollars (one way per person) take a shuttle through Tijuana Mexico for 20 to 30 miles to get to destination. I was interested but concerned about safety. If I am incorrect please inform. I was interested at first but now seems like I need to weigh risk vs reward. I was hoping you could fly through Cabo but it appears the road trip would be 20 hours.

  3. I’m researching this too, seems like should be a convenient venue, just south of the border, but apparently not. Strangely there are no direct flights anywhere from USA to Tijuana – Can only connect through Mexico City for example – and yeah I’d also be nervous about looking for taxis, shuttles, or rental cars there.

    We’re better off flying into San Diego and then driving. It’s about 100 miles from San Diego airport to the venue, nearly all freeway. (The USA-Mexico border is half-way in-between.) The venue itself seems safe, just the roadtrip there is open question.

    Maybe if enough of us register for this, we can pool resources and rent charter bus from San Diego airport to take us there. Or maybe USCF could organize this? Would hate for Team USA not to have a good showing because of travel concerns.

    And yeah there is some overlap with World Cadets (U8/U10/U12) in Spain, which runs through Nov 16th. It’s weird FIDE would schedule like this, many North American kids would pick one or the other. Doesn’t FIDE check their own tournament calendar when scheduling tournaments?

  4. Dominic, I would love the idea of Charter a bus. If that is an option, I would highly consider going. We would need it to charter after the tournament is over as well.

  5. I e-mailed questions on transportation from San Diegob to organizers, but no response so far.
    As I was researching the route, Google Maps suggested that Lyft and Uber are available for the trip for 600-700 Pesos ($35-40). Anyone knows if Uber can actually take passengers across the border?

  6. This seem to overlap with World Cadet dates. Some US kids would like to go to both. Shouldn’t it be rescheduled?

  7. Oddly enough, I entered on my Uber app pickup san diego and drop off Puerto Nuevo and it had a driver ready for me to accept for $60.00.

  8. Nobody here is having an issue with the fact that the convocation and the FIDE rules regarding the age to participate in every category are different?

  9. Yes, the dates are in conflict with World Cadets. My assumption is that organizer scheduled those dates on purpose so the stronger US and Canadian players will not be able to participate because of World Cadets and most of the titles will be awarded to Mexican players. In addition, the age requirements for each age/gender category are incorrect. I am not sure if FIDE is well informed about it because this tournament is still not listed under FIDE calendar for Americas at FIDE website.

  10. Does anyone know how to register for this tournament? I cannot find any registration form on

    • Same here. Can’t find the registration form from their web site. I even emailed the organizer a week ago and got no response.

    • I’m still trying to reach out to the organizers for last few days. I emailed them and even called them. No response on the emails. The number listed apparently works but a random guy picks up the phone and he does not even understand English. I now getting skeptical about registering my son to play in this tournament. Already in August and can’t do any planning.



  11. Has anybody had any success in registering for this tournament? If so, could you please share how you went about it. I have had no response to my email to the organizers and I cannot find the registration form or a link to the form anywhere on their website. Thanks

  12. I’ve sent several emails to the organizer asking about the cost of registration, etc and have not heard back at all.
    Does anyone know how to find the registration form ?

  13. Since registration form can’t be found and organizer is not responding to any emails, another option is to contact other persons listed in NAYCC website.

    I found their email address from FIDE website. If parents/players can email them that could help.

    (1) President, National Chess Federation of Mexico
    Dr. Mario Antonio Ramirez Barajas
    Email ([email protected])

    (2) President, Confederation of Chess for America
    I.A. Jorge Vega Fernandez
    Email([email protected] & [email protected])

    • I tried filling in the registration form, but I am not able to submit. Were you able to submit? I also do not see any information on how to pay the registration fee in the form. Are we required to pay for registration through bank transfer and then fill in the form?

  14. Please don’t go to this tournament, Mexico is a very dangerous and unpredictable city. You are risking being kidnapped, robbed, etc. when you step into Mexico. I don’t mean to scare you for no reason, but there are many similar stories of people getting blocked on the road, and being kidnapped/robbed/murdered. And the police in Mexico is also very corrupt and have been known to help the local drug cartels/gangs.

    • I heard other people saying they wouldn’t go because of concerns of safety too. But is it really that bad? In US there are cities with high murder rates, but people still go visit. You just stick to the tourist areas. Tijuana is well known to American tourists after all. Did things take a bad turn there recently?

      • I live in Rosarito, its a calm and quiet city and the
        tournament will be in Puerto Nuevo, really close to the city of Rosarito and is knonw to be a tourist city. (really small town).

        Dont believe on everything that you hear on the news or someone else who doesn’t live here in Rosarito.

        If you want to compare the violence here in Baja California Mex, think about the shottings in schools in USA, you dont hear about the shotting really offten (violence is everywhere).

  15. Good afternoon dear parents of chess players, it is a pleasure to greet you in this way. I understand your various concerns about the assistance to this tournament; let me introduce myself first of all I am an 11-year-old father who will compete in this tournament and is the official representative of Mexico since he won the Mexican national championship, we have lived in Tijuana for thirteen years and honestly we have never seen or had any problem with bandits or police; most weekends we cross the border to compete in the tournaments in San Diego takes a little time the journey but we have always done it without problems (Also in our culture there are stories that some border agents are bad and insensitive and we have actually found some of these characteristics). Also my son qualified to go to the World Cup in Spain and has support for the trip but we had to decide for this as we will be local. I hope you have the confidence to come so that the tournament has higher quality. Anything you need, do not hesitate to ask me, what you do not know I will investigate with the organizers of the tournament since I have direct contact with them. Greetings neighbors

    • Hi Carlos,

      Thanks for the providing the details. Can you please let us know – what would be best way to travel from San Diego Airport to the resort? Some folks have suggested taking a cab to the border and then changing to a local cab in Mexico. Please provide your inputs.


  16. Did any of you get the CLABE number for the account to transfer money to?
    I do not see it in the document and apparently that is required to wire money to the FENAMAC account.

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