Jamaal Abdul Alim

Like many chess players, IM David Brodsky learned how to checkmate with just a knight and a bishop early in his chess career. But it wasn’t until the… Read More »
Before they squared off in an Armageddon game to determine who would take the championship title for the 2019 World Open, GMs Le Quang Liem and… Read More »
Jamaal Abdul-Alim interviews Illia Nyzhnyk, Photo Daaim Shabazz  PHILADELPHIA — Even before GM Illia I. Nyzhnyk found himself on track to… Read More »
I would describe it as something of a cross between my all-time favorite chess book, “The Immortal Game: A History of Chess,” by David Shenk, and,… Read More »
  IM Zhansaya AbduMalik and GM Tigran L. Petrosian  Photo Dr. Francine Silver Philadelphia — GM Tigran L. Petrosian knew if he… Read More »
Jeffery Xiong is among the top seeds at the World Open, Photo: Austin Fuller Philadelphia — Stephen West anticipated he would have a… Read More »
When GM Julio Sadorra discovered that two childhood friends from the Philippines were registered to play in the Chesapeake Open, he decided to travel… Read More »
GM Aleksandr Lenderman — one of four well-known GMs who competed in the event — won clear first place in the open section for the third time and said… Read More »
The first time Nikhil Kumar played in the National Congress a couple of years ago at age 10, his performance in the Under 2000 section… Read More »
Arlington, Va. — Of all the sounds that could distract a chess player during a tournament, few things can do the job as effectively as the "… Read More »
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