Judit Sztaray Ph D

A four-corner battle between powerhouse chess clubs will take place on Thursday, April 23, as the Mechanics’ Institute in San Francisco, the Marshall… Read More »
On the weekend of October 26-27th, 2019, all eyes in the Bay Area chess community were on the Mechanics’ Institute Chess Club as we hosted the… Read More »
Over the past years, the community of junior chess players in the United States has gradually grown much stronger. With stars like 17-year-old GMs… Read More »
As an exciting summer of junior chess and international competition heats up, The West Coast chess community is excited to host the US Cadet National… Read More »
Santa Clara, California April 4, 2018 - Whether you call it the sport of kings or the supreme sport of the mind, chess has become one of the most… Read More »
BayAreaChess hosted another memorable US Amateur Team West Championship at the Santa Clara Convention Center this past President’s Day weekend.Read… Read More »
We had more than 100 excited players join us for the 2018 New Year Championship. While missing many of our regular titled players, we did not lack… Read More »
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