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FM Arthur Guo, a 6th grader playing in his hometown of Atlanta, won the National K-9 Junior High Championship. This was not Arthur's first victory on… Read More »
Photo Jim Doyle Georgia weather told of good things to come- and come they did, as over 1,100 players descended upon the Hyatt Regency in… Read More »
The Carnegie Mellon squad: Ryan Christianson, Board 4 Beilin Li Board 3, captain David Itkin Board 2 and Grant Xu on Board 1  Everyone is… Read More »
Rock n’ roll blasted through the Grand Ballroom during registration for the U.S. Amateur Team East tournament, setting the scene for the intensity to… Read More »
All heads in the room turned to look as the legendary former World Champion Garry Kasparov made his way through the aisles. Read More »
For months, the US Chess Women’s Committee has been collecting data with surveys asking why girls quit chess, what they like about chess, and others… Read More »
As many areas of the United States face plenty of snow in the first few days of December, chess players traveling to K-12 Grade Championships in… Read More »
Nine Grandmasters over 2600 played in the US Masters, a SuperSwiss, norm granting tournament held in North Carolina at the end of August.  Vladimir… Read More »
The First New York State Girls Team and Individual Championships was full of friendly faces. Girls said hello to each other, made jokes, and… Read More »
Summer Chess Academy for Talented Youth: Warren Wang, Board 3, Jason Li, board 4, Ethan Li, Board 1, and Wesley Wang, Board 2 Photo Vanessa Sun… Read More »
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