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The Kasparov Chess Foundation organized the second annual KCF University Cup was played on lichess.org and hosted on chessstream.com on the weekend… Read More »
KCF University Cup 2022 logo
The second-annual KCF University Cup will take place in February 2022 on the Lichess.org platform.Read More »
KCF University Cup KCF Logo
The Kasparov Chess Foundation's collegiate team event drew more than 500 players from 72 universities, representing 24 countries from all continents… Read More »
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The greater New York championship is planned for Jan. 30-31, greater Chicago on Feb. 6, 2021.Read More »
KCF University Cup KCF Logo
The KCF tournament is open to teams from colleges and universities from all over the world, planned for February 6-7, 2021.Read More »
The Kasparov Chess Foundation (KCF) and Saint Louis Chess Club have been running the very successful Young Stars program for the past six… Read More »
This year’s participants: on the left Rochelle Wu (California), Abhimanyu Mishra (New Jersey), Christopher Yoo (California), Brandon Jacobson, (New… Read More »
Kasparov went through every game, providing his insights and analysis as well as recommendations for improvement. Students also were tasked with… Read More »
The Kasparov Chess Foundation is pleased to announced the joint chess camp between the KCF, European Chess Union, and the European Chess Academy.Read… Read More »
American Hikaru Nakamura, one of the world’s top chess Grandmasters, has shown his generosity by honoring a pledge he made earlier this year to… Read More »
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