John Watson

2022 FIDE Candidates, Hikaru Nakamura
The game that garnered most of the attention this round was Nakamura-Caruana, a complicated slugfest which also had the biggest effect on the… Read More »
2022 Candidates, Round 7, Fabiano Caruana
Quite a round today. We’re at the halfway point and, to everyone’s amazement, Ian Nepomniatchi just keeps winning. With 5½ points out of seven rounds… Read More »
Watson Book Review Opening Secrets
Chess opening preparation has undergone a dramatic change over the past decade, both at tournaments and in between them. In the past, more… Read More »
Watson Book Review March 2022
When I was starting out in chess, games collections and tournament books constituted a majority of the high-quality chess books available — the ones… Read More »
Watson Book Review Coffeehouse Repertoire
Of late we are seeing numerous opening repertoire books and electronic products by strong players. Most of these recommend variations within a… Read More »
Smyslov and Watson, Lone Pine, 1970s
International Master John Watson is often considered one of the world's leading authorities on chess literature. A fine author in his own right, with… Read More »
The National Open has been a premier US event since 1965, and this year’s edition, held on June 11 to 16th, brought with it a number of new features… Read More »
Founded in 1859, the Denver Chess Club is one of the oldest chess clubs in the United States. This year a few enthusiastic club members got together… Read More »
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