Jennifer Shahade

Women at the K-12 National Champs
Jennifer Shahade speaks to WFM Devina aka “Simply Devina” Devagharan about her streaming career, and her strong advocacy for mental health in the… Read More »
Jennifer Shahade with Laurel Aronian in Saint Louis
Jennifer Shahade welcomes high-school sophomore Laurel Aronian to Ladies Knight. Laurel is a president of her high school chess team, St. Luke's, and… Read More »
WIM Dr Alexey Root on Chess as a Sport
The online US Chess Girls Club is back! Enjoy a recording of a session by US Chess expert and successful businesswoman Darrian Robinson, and find… Read More »
Ladies Knight, Sept 2022
Host Jennifer Shahade and guest WIM Luciana Morales talk about her origin story in chess, her work to bring more girls into the game, and the new… Read More »
Ladies Knight August 2022
his month, Jennifer welcomes Tatia Skhirtladze, the director and producer of Glory to the Queen, a documentary film exploring the outstanding success… Read More »
Ladies Knight July 2022
In a special episode of Ladies Knight, host WGM Jennifer Shahade takes on listener questions, ranging from a member of her girls chess club who… Read More »
Ladies Knight June 2022
This month, Jennifer is joined by Yosha Iglesias, a multi-talented chess professional. Not only is Yosha a FIDE Master, composer, coach and YouTuber… Read More »
Ladies Knight May 2022
This month, Jennifer interviews her longtime friend, author, and chess coach Jessica Era Martin. Jessica is the founder of Over the Chessboard, a… Read More »
Ladies Knight April 2022
In this special episode of Ladies Knight, host WGM Jennifer Shahade invites you to join her on the road in support of her new book Chess Queens. Her… Read More »
Ladies Knight March 2022
This month, Jennifer Shahade welcomes Woman International Master and former Ukrainian Champion Anastasiya Rakhmangulova to the Ladies Knight podcast… Read More »
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