Jennifer Shahade

The September edition of Ladies Knight features legendary Grandmaster and seven-time US Women's Champion Irina Krush. Irina and Jennifer talk about… Read More »
Juga on Chess & Creativity
The artist and singer Juga of will lead our next Thursday night ZOOM class for our girls club with an inspiring talk and Q+A on chess… Read More »
IM Dorsa Derakhshani will speak to our ZOOM girls club on August 27th at 6 PM EDT about the "Power of Preparation."  Read More »
Check out a video of a lesson Women's Program Director Jen Shahade gave to Kenya Chess Girls, as part of a cross-cultural program that will teach… Read More »
Irina Krush ad
Grandmaster and seven-time US Women's Champion Irina Krush will be leading our August 20th ZOOM girls club at 6 PM EDT, where she'll go over some of… Read More »
Lauren Goodkind
On the August episode of Ladies Knight, Jennifer interviews author, chess teacher and speaker Lauren Goodkind. Goodkind is a popular Bay Area teacher… Read More »
College & Chess Panel Part II: featuring four exceptional chess scholars
US Chess Women is hosting another College & Chess Panel for girls aged 12-19 with four exceptional panelists slated to present and speak… Read More »
Stephanie Ballom, photo by David Llada, looking at chess board
Katerina Nemcova shows her favorite topic "Forcing Moves" on our YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy. Jennifer also provides info on upcoming girls… Read More »
Annie Wang looking up before chess game starts, Photo Lennart Ootes
Our July Ladies Knight features 18-year-old IM Annie Wang, who captivated the chess world in 2018, when she nearly won the US Women's Championship at… Read More »
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