Jennifer Shahade

Ladies Knight May 2022
This month, Jennifer interviews her longtime friend, author, and chess coach Jessica Era Martin. Jessica is the founder of Over the Chessboard, a… Read More »
Ladies Knight April 2022
In this special episode of Ladies Knight, host WGM Jennifer Shahade invites you to join her on the road in support of her new book Chess Queens. Her… Read More »
Ladies Knight March 2022
This month, Jennifer Shahade welcomes Woman International Master and former Ukrainian Champion Anastasiya Rakhmangulova to the Ladies Knight podcast… Read More »
Girls Chess Club in Orlando
US Chess Women is happy to announce program grant stipends to support efforts to educate, retain and promote women and girls in chess. These stipends… Read More »
Ella looking at two computer monitors
US Chess expert and quant sports trader Ella Papanek joins Jennifer Shahade on Ladies Knight for a fascinating discussion. A recent graduate of… Read More »
Rusudan Goletiani at the Saint Louis Chess Club
Jennifer welcomes International Master Rusudan Goletiani to Ladies Knight. Goletiani is a three-time World Youth Champion, a two-time Olympic… Read More »
Donna Dodson's "Match of the Matriarchs"
Jennifer Shahade welcomes artist, sculptor and Fulbright Scholar Donna Dodson to Ladies Knight. In 2018, Dodson created an epic chess set for a show… Read More »
Carissa Yip on her 1st US Womens Championship
IM Carissa Yip spoke to the US Chess Women Girls Club about her victory at the 2021 US Women's Championship. She reviews highlights of her most… Read More »
Carissa Yip on her 1st US Womens Championship
Image   Our new US Women's Champion, 18-year-… Read More »
WGM Nadya Ortiz with kids from Colombia
 Jennifer speaks on Ladies Knight to Nadya Ortiz, a chess champion who now works as a senior software engineer at Apple. Born in Ibague, Colombia,… Read More »
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