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Fabiano Caruana at the final round of the Candidates Tournament in Berlin. Photo Brian C. Glover  Fabiano Caruana will represent the United… Read More »
Sergey Karjakin in post game interview, Photo Brian C. Glover The FIDE Candidates tournament was blasted wide open in round 12 in Berlin. Both… Read More »
More photos at https://worldchess.com/berlin/ The World Chess Candidates Tournament 2018 started off with a whirlwind of events and excitement… Read More »
  Photo Max Avdeev The World Chess Championship 2016 game number 8 displayed epic fighting chess.  After seven straight draws… Read More »
Magnus Carlsen, Photo Brian Glover Today in New York City, spectators packed the house lining up around the corner in near freezing… Read More »
Magnus in round six, Photo Brian C Glover Entering into today’s game the World Championship match was tied 2.5-2.5 with all games ending… Read More »
World Championship challenger Sergey Karjakin, Photo Brian C. Glover New York City, the commercial center of the US bustled around the… Read More »
I started teaching chess about ten years ago in Chicago. In that time, scholastic chess has exploded throughout the United States, which is quite… Read More »
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