Tim Just, Chief Editor of the 5th, 6th, and brand new 7th edition of the rule book. The pairings got posted at the 2019 City Chess… Read More »
Tim Just “That rule is stupid. I’ve played chess for 50 years now and always done it that way,” exclaimed the player that was warned for… Read More »
Test your knowledge of prize fund rules in this baker's dozen True or False quiz by Tim Just.  1. A tournament advertising a “Guaranteed… Read More »
Tim Just, Chief Editor of the 5th, 6th, and new 7th edition of the rule book. In this month's, "Just The Rules" column, I asked organizers… Read More »
Your opponent’s flag is about to fall in a US Chess sudden death time control. The TD comes over to the contest to observe. They see that your… Read More »
Tim Just If annoying acts cause a migraine, see a TD and make a claim. Your opponent complains to the TD that you are eating a… Read More »
Have you ever stumbled across some off-the-wall unofficial rules of chess? You know the kind—rules that players think are really official, but are… Read More »
Players with disabilities need special care, so there are special rules to make it fair.Read More »
FLAG! That is the word that moved your opponent’s brain right out of the time scramble zone. He had 90 minutes to make 40 moves (40… Read More »
Be sure to say "check" in Ultimate Moves, Photo IM Eric Rosen You don’t need to say check in the game, but say it all the same. … Read More »
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