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This week's Workout comes to us from our friends at the 365 Chess Academy, an online chess learning platform founded by GM Jacob Aagaard, who is… Read More »
GM Jacob Aagaard spoke to CLO Digital Editor John Hartmann on Tuesday about the current state of play at the 2020 Candidates, including discussion of… Read More »
GM Jacob Aagaard talked to CLO Digital Editor John Hartmann on Friday about the first three rounds of the Candidates. Aagaard has been analyzing… Read More »
Team USA is the winner of the 2020 World Senior Team 50+ Division after the event was cancelled after the seventh round in light of the global COVID-… Read More »
US Chess is proud to announce that GM Jacob Aagaard, one of the world’s leading chess authors and trainers, will be a featured contributor to our… Read More »
After a 4-0 win over “Wales Silures” in Round 1 and a 3.5-0.5 win over the Russian Women’s team in Round 2 of the 2020 World Senior Team Championship… Read More »
The 2020 World Senior Team Championship kicks off tomorrow in Prague, Czech Republic, with three American teams in the 50+ field. (The Senior Team is… Read More »
Gibraltar David Paravyan and Tan Zhongyi (Niki Riga) 22nd ranked GM David Paravyan was the surprise winner of the 2020 Gibraltar… Read More »
With so much great material here at Chess Life Online, it’s easy to miss something that you might otherwise have wanted to read. So we here at US… Read More »
Last week we took it easy on our readers, offering ten mate-in-ones and mate-in-twos, all drawn from the 2019 World Women's Rapid and Blitz… Read More »
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