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2022 American Cup Logo SLCC
After seven days of non-stop action at the 2022 American Cup, it has all come to this. … Read More »
The 2022 American Cup seen by a young fan
Multiple playing schedules are a hallmark of some of America’s biggest swisses. Now that same frenetic energy is coming to the Saint Louis Chess Club… Read More »
Cover Stories April 2022
This month’s guest on "Cover Stories with Chess Life" is well known to American chess fans. He’s the man with the fancy hat: Grandmaster Elshan… Read More »
Voices from Ukraine Olga Babiy
US Chess, in partnership with the Kasparov Chess Foundation, continues to raise money for relief to the Ukrainian chess community through GoFundMe.… Read More »
GM Hikaru Nakamura FIDE Grand Prix
Don’t call it a comeback. He’s been here for years. GM Hikaru Nakamura capped off a stunning run in the first leg of the 2022 FIDE Grand Prix with a… Read More »
Cover Stories with Chess Life
If Jazz is America’s first great cultural export to the world, hip-hop is its second, and perhaps most important. From its earliest days,… Read More »
Cover Stories with Chess Life
Most editions of Cover Stories with Chess Life follow the same pattern: each month we talk to the author of our cover story. This month, however, is… Read More »
Michael Tisserand
This month we talk to Michael Tisserand, the author of our September 2020 cover story, "Chess with Charlie," a profile of New Orleans jazz legend and… Read More »
The June edition of “Cover Stories with Chess Life” is now live! This monthly podcast, now hosted by Chess Life and Chess Life Online Editor John… Read More »
With its innate ability to translate to a two-dimensional format, chess is a growth industry in these days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The mainstream… Read More »
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