GM Pal Benko

CLO is combing through its archives to bring readers blasts from the past this holiday season. Look for throwback articles throughout December.… Read More »
US Chess wishes a hearty Happy Birthday to Grandmaster Pal Benko, also a renowned composer and popular author. At 90 years young (as of July 15, 2018… Read More »
As US Chess wishes all of our members a Happy Holiday season, Grandmaster Pal Benko challenges you to a few festive problems. Get started with this… Read More »
Excitement is ramping up for National Chess Day on October 14, 2017. GM Pal Benko preps the celebrations with some mates in honor of our special day… Read More »
Kick off the summer with these checkmate puzzles composed by GM Pal Benko. Can you solve all six?Read More »
GM Pal Benko recently contributed Apri Fools problems to the April edition of Chess Life Magazine, in which you are challenged to construct… Read More »
Happy Holidays from Grandmaster and composer Pal Benko, who presents Christmas tree and holiday candle shaped mates in two, three, four… Read More »
With the new school year starting, chess clubs and scholastics resume. Some countries, such as Armenia, have made chess a mandatory part of the… Read More »
Grandmaster and composer Pal Benko celebrated his 88th birthday earlier this month and passes on some birthday gift problems to US chess readers. In… Read More »
Happy Independence Day! Solve the following problems from Grandmaster Pal Benko, which are inspired by the American Revolutionary War. Start off with… Read More »
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