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Happy Independence Day! Solve the following problems from Grandmaster Pal Benko, which are inspired by the American Revolutionary War. Start off with… Read More »
GM Pal Benko presents some fun problems, as a complement to his April Chess Life Magazine problems. "Everybody likes to give checkmate, here you can… Read More »
Have a happy New Year and solve these 16 mates composed by GM Pal Benko in honor of 2016.Read More »
Solve this holiday candle problem from GM Pal Benko before the light goes out! Black to move and White mates in 3 … Read More »
In this article we'll look at a famous problem that inspired me. The problem is connected to the history of Bonaparte Napoleon (1769-1821). I thought… Read More »
Rex at Ultimate Moves, Photo Austin Fuller   Are you recovering from Sinq Cup withdrawal? If so, we have just the remedy.… Read More »
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