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A new chess book on 25 classic games that every player should know was written by a surprising new author.Read More »
photo Tyler Golden / HBO Max
Check out the new HBO Max reality challenge Karma. Teenagers from all over the US travel to a remote forest. Eighteen who make the cut… Read More »
A handful of last-round players are hunched over lower boards in the huge ballroom, like lonely hangers-on after a celebrity wedding reception. But… Read More »
“He was a national master? Wow!” Unrated chess player Stephen Huang attends the University of Pacific in Stockton, California. “I joined… Read More »
The coveted trophy in gold, and the US Junior Grand Prix trophy in silver, won by Alan Hung of California. Friday night at the US Open… Read More »
IM Praveen Balakrishnan and Andy Huang, both of Virginia, Photo Henk Prinsloo All three of the junior Champion of Champions had to win as… Read More »
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UT-RGV) Villanova and Michigan’s Monday night tip-off for the NCAA national round ball… Read More »
  GM Jorge Cori, GM Ray Robson, GM Susan Polgar, GM Vasif Durarbayli (holding trophy), GM Alex Shimanov. Photo Al Lawrence The… Read More »
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