Eric Lai

Perhaps, it was the heat wave that inflamed the 311 players who came out over Memorial Day Weekend to contest BayAreaChess’ Best of the West Class… Read More »
"It’s heartwarming to see true representation all across Northern California and once again surpass last year’s numbers." -Dr. Judit SztarayRead… Read More »
Santa Clara, California April 4, 2018 - Whether you call it the sport of kings or the supreme sport of the mind, chess has become one of the most… Read More »
BayAreaChess hosted another memorable US Amateur Team West Championship at the Santa Clara Convention Center this past President’s Day weekend.Read… Read More »
This year’s field was not only the largest ever, but powerful, featuring more than 20 nationally-age-ranked players, including a handful of expert… Read More »
Winning BayAreaChess tournaments has become a hard habit for GM Conrad Holt to break in 2017, much to his opponents’ dismay. Read More »
Monta Vista HS of Cupertino (left) emerged victorious in the High School section, here pictured in the final round vs Saratoga HS More… Read More »
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